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7 Best Air Purifier and Humidifier Combos

Last updated July 16, 2021

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Author avatar Danny Ashton

Danny as been writing about air purifiers for 10+ years. He is a major fan of home technology, which makes him the perfect person to test and evaluate products for HouseFresh

According to the CDC, the average American spends 90% of their time indoors. If air quality is in issue, it can affect your health and the health of others who come into your home. Air quality can change from day to day due to a number of reasons from outdoor climate to indoor humidity.

An air purifier will reduce the number of pollutants in your home, pollutants that can trigger allergies. They will also help to get rid of any undesirable odors like cigarette, cigar, or wildfire smoke. 

High humidity in the home can be just as harmful. The build-up of mold will not only cause a musty odor but can cause lung infections, nasal congestion, eye irritation, and damage to your furniture.

How do you Choose the Right Air Purifier and Humidifier Combo?

To get the maximum out of an air purifier and humidifier combo, you have to consider a few key factors.

You need to think about:

  • Your budget
  • The size of your room
  • The type of filters it uses
  • How much your home is affected by humidity and pollutants

Finding the right unit to fit your specifications can be overwhelming. Our list is compiled of air purifier and humidifier combos for a variety of needs, budgets, and different sizes of rooms. We evaluated customers’ experiences from Consumer reports analysis and took recommendations from people who have used these units, making sure none of the products suffered from fake reviews. 

1. Dyson Pure PH01

2. Sharp KC-850U 

3. Medify MA-440

4. Brondell Revive

5. Dreval D-950


7. BONECO H300

In-depth Review

1.  Dyson Pure PH01

Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool Air Purifier, Humidifier + Fan - HEPA Air Filter, Hygienic Humidifier and Certified Asthma + Allergy Friendly, WiFi-Enabled – PH01 White/Silver

Dyson is a big name in household cleaning products. They revolutionized the vacuum cleaner and have recently stepped into the air purification and humidifier game. The PH01 is their first offering in their purifier-humidifier combo range. In true Dyson style, they have gone for a modernistic approach to design and functionality.

This 3-in-1 unit also features a fan to project the fresh, moist air backward and forwards with up to 90-degree oscillation for maximum airflow. It has smart sensors that will monitor air quality, temperature, and humidity levels, sending the information to the Dyson app on your smartphone. 

The Dyson Pure PH01 Specifications

  • It uses a combination of activated carbon and HEPA filter for purification
  • Ideal for rooms up to 400 sq. ft
  • The filter has a life of 4382 hours (6 months) after which will need changing
  • On its highest setting, the PH01 can reach 55dB
  • It has a 1-gallon tank capacity for humidification 

What we love:

  • It can be voice-controlled using Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri
  • It has a sleep timer and night mode
  • The LCD screen shows air quality levels and is easy to read 
  • It has a deep clean cycle

We don’t like this as much:

  • The filters cost around $80 every 6 months
  • Will only run for 24 hours on the lowest setting
Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool Air Purifier, Humidifier + Fan - HEPA Air Filter, Hygienic Humidifier and Certified Asthma + Allergy Friendly, WiFi-Enabled – PH01 White/Silver
  • Connected Purifier. Humidifier. Fan. In one.
  • Dyson technology helps create a cleaner, healthier home - Our vacuums and purifiers are scientifically proven to capture particles as small as allergens and bacteria.
  • Purifies: Allergens and pollutants can build up in your home. The Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool has a fully-sealed 360˚ filtration system. It combines an activated carbon filter to remove gases and odors, and a Glass HEPA filter to capture 99. 97% of pollutants such as allergens, viruses and bacteria as small as 0. 3 microns.
  • Humidifies: In Auto Humidify mode, the machine automatically maintains the correct level of moisture in the air. An efficient water management system and a 1 gallon tank give you continuous humidification, without regular refilling.
  • Circulates: Air Multiplier technology mixes and circulates purified, humidified air throughout the room, so you don’t breathe dry, stale air². The vapor emitted is invisible.

2. Sharp KC-850U

Sharp Triple Action Plasmacluster Air Purifier with Humidifying Function (254 sq. ft.), KC-850U , White

The KC-850U is the flagship of Sharp’s purifier-humidifier combo line and falls under the mid-range category. It has a bright display on the front which will inform you of the quality of the air, the humidity, and the remaining water level. On top is the control panel where every button is clearly labeled and accompanied by an LED.

The KC-850U can be easily moved between rooms weighing 21.4 lbs (without a full water tank). As well as the filters, it has what Sharp calls a Plasmacluster. This is a kind of ionizer which pulls apart airborne pollutants. Used in the right-sized room, this unit performs great as both a purifier and a humidifier.  

Sharp KC-850U Specifications

  • It uses an activated carbon filter to reduce odors, a True HEPA filter for small particles, as well as the Plasmacluster
  • Works best in rooms up to 254 sq. ft
  • Sharp claim that the filters will last up to 5 years
  • It can be as quiet as 19 dB on low speeds and as high as 60 dB when both purifier and humidifier are running on full
  • Running both features, 8 hours a day, will cost around $30 a year
  • The humidity tank holds 1 gallon of water

What we love:

  • It has smart sensors that detect and react to unhealthy air conditions
  • As well as the illuminated dust monitor, it displays a numerical humidity level
  • There are four handles for ease of transport
  • The lights on the front panel can be dimmed

We don’t like this as much:

  • There is no remote or smartphone app
  • The intake air grill is on the back, not ideal for using up against a wall
Sharp Triple Action Plasmacluster Air Purifier with Humidifying Function (254 sq. ft.), KC-850U , White
  • NATURALLY ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY FOR TRULY CLEAN AIR, BUILT-INTO OVER 80 MILLION PRODUCTS SINCE 2001: Sharp’s exclusive patented Plasma cluster ion technology eliminates microscopic pollutants that traditional filters cannot trap, by replicating nature’s own cleaning process of producing positive and negative ions from water vapor in the air
  • VERIFIED AROUND THE WORLD: Plasma cluster Ion Technology has proven effective in reducing certain viruses including MS2 (Viral Stimulant); certain bacteria including E-Coli, Staphylococcus, epidermidis, and Serratia marcescens; certain common molds and fungus, including Penicilillum and Aspergillus Niger; and most odors that conventional filters don’t reach. And has been tested and confirmed in 17 tests by laboratories in the USA as well as in the U. K. , Germany, Japan, South Korea, China and Vietnam
  • SAFE: Sharp’s Plasma cluster Ion Air Purifier is not only ARB Certified. It produces 5X less ozone (at less than 0. 01 ppm) than the lowest industry and federal standards set by the FDA, OSHA and NIOSH
  • TRIPLE FILTRATION SYSTEM: washable pre-filter traps dust and other large airborne particles that passes through the filters. Activated carbon deodorizing filter removes odors that passes through the filters. TRUE HEPA filters effectively remove 99. 97% of particles from the air that passes through the filter from 0. 3 microns and larger
  • SMART SENSOR: in Auto Operation, fan speed is automatically controlled depending on amount of impurities in the air. The sensors detect impurities for efficient air purification. Each dust and odor indicator shows the quality of impurity to purity of air

3. Medify MA-440

Medify MA-440 Luxury Spa 4-in-1 Air Purifier | Humidifier | Soundscape Wireless Tablet | Medical Grade H13 Filtration for 600 Sq Ft.

If you’ve read our previous articles on cigarette smoke, you may already recognize the brand Medify. They throw their experienced hat into the combo ring with the MA-440. In our opinion, this unit looks great in the home, has no bright lights, and comes from one of the top names in air purification.

If features are your bag, the MA-440 is a full-blown spa experience. You can choose between 16 different relaxing sounds including ocean noises, pink noise, and night sounds. It also has a scent tray where you can add essential oils to provide a nice smell to the air. If that wasn’t enough, you can control everything from a 7-inch, touch screen interface which you can use from anywhere in the house.

Medify MA-440 Specifications

  • It has a 4-stage filtration system. Pre-filter, medical-grade H13 True HEPA filter, activated carbon filter, and ionizer
  • It can cover an area of 600 sq. ft but work at its most potential at 350 sq. ft
  • The filters can last up to 3000 hours
  • On its highest setting, the noise can get up to 55 dB
  • The power consumption is clocked at 120W, so if you’re running it 8 hours a day it will cost around $40 a year
  • Comes with a 1-gallon water tank

What we love:

  • There’s a choice of four different fragrances
  • It has four fan speeds to choose from
  • There are no buttons the unit itself
  • The control tablet is informative and easy to use

We don’t like this as much:

  • Weighs 25 lbs
  • Replacement filters are expensive
Medify MA-440 Luxury Spa 4-in-1 Air Purifier | Humidifier | Soundscape Wireless Tablet | Medical Grade H13 Filtration for 600 Sq Ft.
  • Create a Spa Experience in Any Room | H13 True HEPA 99.97% Filtration | Covers 600 Sq Ft
  • Air Purifier | Humidifier | 16 Soundscapes | Scent Tray with 4 Options | Wireless Control Tablet
  • Substantial carbon filter with carbon pellets to maximize removal of toxic odors and formaldehyde
  • Attractive, Slim Design | Surprisingly Quiet | Easy to Maintain
  • Sleep Mode | Filter Replacement Indicator | Four Fan Speeds

4. Brondell Revive

Brondell Air Purifier O2+ Revive Air Purification System with Humidifier -Odor Eliminator - Dual True HEPA Air Washer for Dust, Smoke, Allergens, Odors, Off-Gassing, and Pets

The Revive from Brondell isn’t trying to disguise itself as anything other than a solid purifier-humidifier combo. Its control panel sits on top so you can easily change fan speed, modes, and engage the timer. It will also indicate the current humidity level between 3 categories, dry, comfort, and humid.

There are no fancy soundscapes or scented fusions, but the Revive does come with a dual True HEPA filter to take in twice the amount of air combined with an activated carbon filter to help get rid of any nasty odors as well as VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). The Revive prides itself on evenly distributing humidity so there’s no concentration around the unit which can cause damage to furniture.

Brondell Revive Specifications

  • It utilizes 3 filters, a dual True HEPA, active carbon filter, and a humidifier filter
  • If you need it to help with allergies we’d suggest using it in an area up to 376 sq. ft, for regular use, a room up to 627.5 sq. ft
  • Brondell suggest a filter change every 12 months
  • This unit can get up to 64 dB on its highest speed which is the loudest of the 7
  • It weighs 20 lbs
  • The tank holds just under 1 gallons of water

What we love:

  • The mist it produces is invisible
  • It has a digital display for the timer
  • It has an allergy setting
  • You can turn all the lights off for night use

We don’t like this as much:

  • Doesn’t look as good as some models
  • Its smart sensors doesn’t adjust the fan speed
Brondell Air Purifier O2+ Revive Air Purification System with Humidifier -Odor Eliminator - Dual True HEPA Air Washer for Dust, Smoke, Allergens, Odors, Off-Gassing, and Pets
  • REVIVE YOUR HOME: Don’t just filter your air, refresh it with the Brondell Revive air purifier and humidifier. Adding moisture to filtered air can help relieve allergy symptoms, stuffy nose and sinus congestion. Helpful to relieve dry skin and reduce asthma symptoms by clearing mucous from airways. Super-efficient evaporative humidification makes for a more consistent humidity level and won’t over-saturate the immediately-surrounding area.
  • TWICE THE AIR, HALF THE TIME: With a dual suction system the Revive is able to move through more air faster than comparable sized machines. Moving air through dual True HEPA filters,capture 99.97% of particles 0.3μ and larger. The filter system has been optimized to quickly remove pollutants from the air, makes your air cleaner and fresher so you can breathe easier. Dual intake also creates better airflow, the Revive will refresh the air in a 627sf room 3 times every hour.
  • ACTIVE CARBON AND SPECIALIZED FILTERS: The Granulated Carbon Filter traps and removes odors and harmful gases. The Off-Gassing Reduction Filter effectively removes invisible substances like formaldehyde that contribute to “Sick House Syndrome” and can cause health and respiratory issues. Other Specialized Filters are available for purchase separately.
  • EVAPORATIVE HUMIDIFICATION: With the Evaporative Humidification Method, the water particles used to humidify the room’s atmosphere are small and light-weight. The smaller particle size can travel through the air more easily and efficiently, providing an even humidity throughout the room.
  • PEACE OF MIND: For over 14 years Brondell has been making healthy home products using the highest-quality materials available. Brondell is focused on delivering a healthy home experience in every room of your house, with products that feature a unique blend of the latest technology and modern design. Revive is backed by Brondell and their industry leading Customer Support based in San Francisco, CA

5. Dreval D-950

No products found.

The D-950 from Dreval is a slim purifier-humidifier combo with a multiple stage filtration system. Along with the usual HEPA, activated carbon, and humidifier filters, you also get a cold catalyst filter that breaks down harmful gasses, an antimicrobial filter to eliminate dangerous microorganisms in the air, and a UV sterilization filter. You can monitor the quality of air in your room with its intelligent odor sensor system which will give you a 3-color indicator set across the front like Knight Rider.

The control panel on the top of the D-950 has 2 sets of 4 buttons with a display in the middle to show you fan speed and humidity percentage. Here you can control its different modes, timer, and mister.

Dreval D-950 Specifications

  • It has a 7 stage air purification and humidifier system with an activated carbon filter and a HEPA filter which traps particles as small as 0.1 microns
  • It’s at its prime in rooms up to 430 sq. ft
  • At its lowest speed, you’ll barely hear it at 18 dB. On high it can reach 55 dB
  • It is recommended to change the filters every 12 months
  • It holds a 1-liter water reservoir which is considerably smaller than others
  • It only weighs 14.5 lbs 

What we love:

  • It has a sleep mode
  • Uses more filters than the rest in this list
  • The filters are easy to replace
  • Low power consumption

We don’t like this as much:

  • You can’t dim or turn off the indicator lights
  • The grill is on the back so you can’t have it up against a wall

No products found.


No products found.

The EV01 from OPOLAR is ideal for smaller rooms, bedrooms, offices, etc. This unit retails under $100 and is our pick for those on a tight budget. This unit leans more to the humidifier side than a purifier. As it’s such a small device, the reservoir takes up most of the room which means you compromise on the size of the filter.

Unfortunately, there’s no True HEPA or activated carbon filters in this low-cost unit. Instead, they provide you with a nylon fiber and polyester honeycomb permanent filter. The upside is that you won’t need to replace it with new ones, but you will have to clean it regularly. The obvious downside is that this filter isn’t a patch on the effectiveness of True HEPA filters.

OPOLAR EV01 Specifications

  • OPOLAR says it can be used in areas up to 300 sq. ft but we think it will work best in rooms under 200 sq. ft
  • It houses a 0.8-gallon tank for water
  • There’s a touch screen interface to adjust modes and set the timer
  • As there’s no powerful fan for the filters, it remains very quiet

What we love:

  • At 13-inches tall its compact and light
  • It’s easy to refill
  • It has a transparent section on the side to monitor water levels
  • You can set the timer for 2, 4, or 8 hours

We don’t like this as much:

  • It has a short runtime
  • You will have to clean the filter regularly

No products found.

7. BONECO H300

BONECO H300 - Hybrid Humidifier & Air Purifier, 3-in-1 Air Washer - Removes Contaminants Like Pollen and Smoke - Super Quiet - Multi-Settings Including Baby and Sleep Modes

The last on this list is the BONECO H300. This Swish made device is a great choice for those looking for a mid-range air purifier-humidifier combo with a few great features. When it says “3-in-1” it means it can be used as a humidifier, purifier, or both. Weighing only 12.1 lbs when it’s empty means you can easily move it between rooms.

You’ll notice that there’s no actual interface on the H300. Everything is controlled by an app on your smartphone which connects using Bluetooth. The simplistic app will let you change between modes, adjust fan speed, and set the timer. There is a semi-circle of lights on the front panel so you can easily see which function the unit is currently running on. If fragrance is on your list of needs, the H300 comes with a tray for essential oils.

BONECO H300 Specifications

  • The unit comes with a filter that is designed to help with pollen allergies. If this doesn’t suit you, there’s a higher spec “comfort” filter available
  • It’s designed for rooms up to 540 sq. ft
  • They recommend that you change the filter every 12 months but the pre-filter can be hand washed
  • At its lowest speed, this unit can kick out 28 dB and at its loudest can reach 51 dB
  • There are six different modes and presets to use 
  • The water reservoir is on the bigger side of combos at 1.2 gallons

What we love:

  • It has a low power consumption
  • You can switch between filters 
  • It will automatically shut off when the water reservoir is empty
  • Most of its parts can be cleaned in a dishwasher

We don’t like this as much:

  • If the app fails settings can’t be manually changed
  • Doesn’t look as nice as others
BONECO H300 - Hybrid Humidifier & Air Purifier, 3-in-1 Air Washer - Removes Contaminants Like Pollen and Smoke - Super Quiet - Multi-Settings Including Baby and Sleep Modes
  • 3-in-1 HYBRID - Operate as a humidifier, air purifier or both. High performance, adjustable hybrid provides optimal humidity and cleanses the air of contaminants simultaneously
  • HIGH CAPACITY FILTER - Remove allergy-causing pollens, contaminants, and odors from your indoor spaces while improving air quality and well being through natural humidifying and air purification
  • IDEAL PROFILES AND SETTINGS - Six performance levels and pre-sets, including Auto, Sleep, and Baby profiles provide optimal air quality for daily use, deep restful sleep or a pleasant restful environment for baby. Integrated aroma compartment can be used to diffuse your favorite essential oils and aromas
  • EASY USE AND CLEAN UP - Easy control knob, real-time humidity measurement and control, and automatic shut-off make for convenient operation while dishwasher and washing machine safe components provide easy cleanup
  • WIRELESS APP TECHNOLOGY - Convenient BONECO app offers intuitive user guidance and navigation, as well as real-time measurements and control of your humidifier and air purification system.

Which Air Purifier Humidifier Combo is best for you?

Using an air purifier-humidifier combo can make a drastic difference to the quality of the air you breathe in your home every day. The trick is to find the right unit to suit your needs. Make the device work for you. There’s no point spending a whole load of dollars on a large or high-tech unit when all you needed was a small one with minimal features and you don’t want to skimp out on a budget unit that won’t work as well for your massive room. We’ve covered a broad range of combos in this list so finding the right air purifier-humidifier should be a little easier.

What do Air Purifiers do?

Air purifiers use a powered fan to pull the air in from your room, remove pollutants through a series of filters, and replaces it with clean air. The most effective air purifiers will contain a True HEPA filter which can trap pollutants as small as 0.3 microns.

What do Humidifiers do?

A humidifier’s job is to increase moisture to dry air in the home. Low humidity can be damaging to your health, causing dry skin, throat, lips, and can also cause shrinking and even cracking to wooden furniture. 

What is a True HEPA Filter?

HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Arresting. A True HEPA filter is made up of thin glass fibers which have a 99.97% efficiency rate at capturing small airborne particles. They have become industry standard in air purification, even NASA has studied this type of filter and concluded them to be the best way to clean the air in the home.

Can you Use a Humidifier and Air Purifier at the Same Time?

There’s nothing to stop you from using both devices at the same time. It’s recommended that you use both in the same room as they’re both doing different jobs. As you’re here, you’re most likely looking to get both jobs done with the same device which will save you both money and floor space.

Do Humidifiers Clean The Air?

No. Humidifiers change the amount of moisture in the air. They typically don’t contain the filters needed to clean the air (True HEPA filter) as air purifiers have.

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