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11 Utterly Ridiculous Air Purifier Gadgets

Save Your Money And Keep Well Away From These 11 Bizarre Air Purifiers.

1. Pet Purifier


Finally your dog can breath clean air it sniffs at another dogs ass. This bizarre air purifier even comes with an air freshener mode. Once activated the air freshener will spray your pet and those around it with a scent that is meant to induce relaxation in you and your dog.

Thankfully this ridiculous pet gadget costs less than $20 so you will still have some money left for the inevitable veterinary fees.


2. Face Mask Purifier


Be honest the Hannibal Lecter look is hot this year!

This gadget is powered by USB and uses two fans to provide you with a constant stream of clean air. Whilst the constant sound of the fans might annoy colleagues I doubt they will have the cojones to make eye contact with you. Sadly for this purifier to work outdoors you will need to cart it around with your laptop.


3. Personal Air Purifier


At first i thought this was some sort of clunky MP3 player circa 1996.

This ugly device is actually an air purifier that you hang around your neck. How this can actually provide you with clean air is beyond me but thankfully you won’t have to worry as its not longer available for sale.


4. Cat Litter Purifier


If you keep forgetting to change the cat litter but hate the feline stench then this might be the gadget for you. However I doubt this purifier could do much to stem the smell from a 6 weeks worth of cat mess.

Just save your money and get off the coach once in a while to look after your pet.


5. Plant Purifier


On paper this plant air purifier sounds awesome. It uses plants instead of filters to clean the air in your room of noxious pollutants. However can you seriously imagine these two little plants cleaning your smoke drenched dirt box of a room?

I think not!

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6. All in One Clock, Temperature and USB Air Purifier


This gadget is utterly useless for someone who smells ok and sleeps in a bed. However if you stink, smoke, sleep at your desk and need to know the time constantly then this is the gadget for you.

It is USB powered, beeps every hour and even has the room temperature on it’s lcd screen. Totally useless


7. Ozonolysis Air Purifier – Create Smog In Your Roomgroundlevelozone

Recently a range of ionic purifiers were released that used ozonolysis technology. Whilst the marketing slogan told us that these purifiers would clean the air, the scary truth was that these unit where pumping out harmful toxins.

One purifier generated as much harmful ozone that is found during a high smog day in downtown Los Angeles.


8. USB Pen Drive Purifier

usb_pen_drive_purifierWhilst at $6 this purifier is dirt cheap but its still totally ridiculous. The only thing this gadget will do is to help run your laptop battery down. I would prefer to spend the $6 on something more useful.. like maybe some Gummy Bacon?


9. Manmade Tree – Air Purifier


In Peru they have found a bizarre solution to the air pollution problem. Whilst a simple solution would be to stop cutting down trees they decided to build these strange manmade monstrosities. The “Super Tree” purifies the air using electricity and they say it can clean up to 200,000 cubic metres of air.

Sadly as it’s a machine this “tree” creates a large amount of sludge like waste that needs to be sewage treated.


10. Apple Air Purifier


Be warned this purifier is not from the makers of the iPhone and iBook. I really have doubts on this small gadgets ability of cleaning any amount of air but hey at least it looks pretty!

I would prefer to stick to one from our list of the best quiet air purifiers.


11. Purifier Chair


Remove the stench from an 8 hour marathon session of WoW with this awesome gaming chair. It combines a personal air purifier with touch screen controls and multi monitor set-up.

At $40,000 I imagine will be way over the budget for the average Wow player.


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  2. the apple air purifier is actually alright because it cleans dust from the air through a filter. It also has a place to put a pad of fragrance to spread the smell.

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