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8 Best Air Purifiers Under $500

Last updated June 4, 2021

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Author avatar Danny Ashton

Danny as been writing about air purifiers for 10+ years. He is a major fan of home technology, which makes him the perfect person to test and evaluate products for HouseFresh

While we all love snapping up a bargain and saving money when we can, there are some products that warrant an investment in quality. If you live in an area with high air pollution, suffer from allergies, or are now spending more time indoors whilst working from home, it may be worth loosening the purse strings when it comes to purchasing an air purifier.

Although spending up to $500 may seem like a luxury, you can be rest assured that you will be purchasing a machine with high-quality components that will deliver much greater performance over its cheaper counterparts. Offering a range of benefits to you and your home, such as:

  • Alleviating allergy and asthma symptoms 
  • Capturing smoke from wildfires or cigarettes
  • Eradicating unpleasant smells and gases 
  • Improving your productivity 

This enhanced performance, measured by a purifier’s Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR), is driven by powerful fans, enabling these purifiers to intake, clean, and distribute the air in a much larger area. Larger and more efficient HEPA filters also help boost a product’s CADR and are capable of capturing up to 99.97% of particulate matter from the air. 

To help you find the perfect purifier for your needs, we’ve included a range of machines to suit every space – whether you’re looking for a purifier capable of cleaning extra-large rooms such as the Conway Airmega 400 or a high-performance personal purifier like the IQAir Atem.

We made sure that these purifiers were tried and tested by genuine users. By analyzing Consumer Reports and product reviews, we were able to verify that the users were happy with their purifier’s performance at eliminating pollutants from within their homes. 

1. Coway Airmega 400 

Coway Airmega 400 Smart Air Purifier with 1,560 sq. ft. Coverage

This air purifier provides ultimate coverage for over 1,500 square feet of clean air. Suitable for large living spaces, small homes, apartments, dormitories, classrooms, office spaces, and more, the Coway Airmega 400 is excellent for large-room coverage. Per its recommended use, it will thoroughly filter and purify air quality twice per hour. Equipped with double-filter technology, this air purifier has a washable carbon filter that collects larger debris like pollen and pet dander. The replaceable True HEPA filter is responsible for filtering microscopic particulate matter like fumes and odors. Remarkably, this purification system also reduces harmful volatile organic compounds by more than 99%.

Technologically speaking, the Coway Airmega 400 senses and displays indoor air quality with an easy-to-read LED notification system. With five fan speeds, you can customize your purifier’s functionality to your desired settings. When used at its lowest fan setting, the machine’s noise level is nearly inaudible, and even at its highest speed, the noise is tolerable. This purifier is built with smart technology that enables purification based on real-time air-quality readings. What’s more, the fan speed automatically adjusts to those readings. Finally, the Coway Airmega 400 is Energy Star certified which attests to the energy efficiency of this air purifier.

Purifier Technology:

  • Room Size Suitability: 1,560 square feet
  • Filter Life: 6 months
  • Noise Level: 22db-52db
  • Monthly Energy Consumption: $2

What we love:

  • The purifier is equipped with a timer for 1, 2, 4, and 8-hour settings
  • Filter alerts indicate when it’s time to replace or wash filters
  • A manufacturer’s warranty is included
  • The automatic sleep mode reduces fan noise for undisrupted rest

We don’t like this as much:

  • The system’s filters are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty
  • Replacement filters are quite costly
Coway Airmega 400 Smart Air Purifier with 1,560 sq. ft. Coverage
  • Coway Airmega 400 room air purifier is designed to accommodate large room sizes up to 1,560 square feet and cleans the air at least two times per hour when used as recommended.
  • Coway Airmega Max2 filter-a combined activated carbon and a True HEPA filter-captures and reduces up to 99.99 percent of particles 0.01 microns in the air, including pollen, pollutants and other allergens. It also reduces more than 99 percent of volatile organic compounds and reduces fumes such as NH3 and CH3CHO.
  • Coway Airmega’s pollution sensor communicates indoor air quality testing in real-time. The brightly colored LED ring lets you know how clean or dirty your indoor air is, every minute of the day.
  • Coway Airmega has five fan modes: Smart, Sleep, Low, Medium and High. Noise level is nearly silent at lower speeds. Max noise at highest setting is 43.2 dB.
  • Coway Airmega is a smart, energy efficient air purifier with a three-setting smart mode to adapt to its surroundings. Fan speed automatically adjusts based on the room’s air quality and lighting conditions to improve air quality.

2. Dyson Pure Cool TP01 

Dyson Pure Cool, TP01 HEPA Air Purifier & Fan, For Large Rooms, Removes Allergens, Pollutants, Dust, Mold, VOCs, White/Silver

The Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier is wonderfully efficient at cleaning the air of both large and microscopic contaminants. Suitable for small living rooms, bedrooms, nurseries, offices, and more, this purifier is certified to help allergy and asthma sufferers alike. Design-wise, the Dyson Pure Cool features a True HEPA filter that removes 99.97% of microscopic contaminants like dust, pollen, pet dander, and even mold. Moreover, a second, carbon-activated filter, traps toxic fumes, noxious odors, and volatile organic compounds. Beyond filtering the contaminants from your room’s air, this purifier also projects and circulates purified air at a rate of 77 gallons per second.

Aesthetically speaking, the sleek tower design of the Dyson Pure Air is both appealing and functional. The narrow, oscillating tower does double duty as it purifies and circulates air. What’s more, the air circulation function can cool air on warmer days while circulating room-temperature air on cooler days. Some of this device’s key features include a sleep timer, 10 fan speeds, and an automatic shut-off. When set to auto-mode, you can expect the purifier to run for about 12 hours per day. This purifier comes with a 2-year warranty.

Purifier Technology:

  • Room Size Suitability: 500 square feet
  • Filter Life: 12 months
  • Noise Level: 40db-62db
  • Monthly Energy Consumption: $2.40

What we love:

  • The purifier is lightweight, weighing just under 8 pounds
  • The Dyson Pure Cool is available in two colors: white and silver
  • The purifier automatically shuts off if tipped over
  • It comes with a remote control for operability at a distance

We don’t like this as much:

  • This purifier is not equipped with an auto/sensor mode
  • This purifier does not provide air quality readings
Dyson Pure Cool, TP01 HEPA Air Purifier & Fan, For Large Rooms, Removes Allergens, Pollutants, Dust, Mold, VOCs, White/Silver
  • Captures: HEPA filter removes 99.97 percent of allergens and pollutants as small as 0.3 microns including pollen, dust, mold spores, bacteria and pet dander
  • Dyson technology helps create a cleaner, healthier home - Our vacuums and purifiers are scientifically proven to capture particles as small as allergens and bacteria.
  • Projects: Projects purified air throughout the whole room. Air Multiplier technology delivers over 77 gallons per second of smooth, yet powerful airflow.
  • Multi-functionality: Tower fan and HEPA air Purifier in one.
  • Other features: Sleep timer, oscillation, 10 air speed settings and automatic shut-off if tipped over

3. Sharp KC-860U 

Sharp KC-860U Plasmacluster Triple Action Air Purifier Humidifier, 341 Square Feet, White

This standing air purifier packs a punch. More than just a purifier, it is also a humidifier and air refresher. With many features and functions, there’s a lot to know about the Sharp KC Plasmacluster. Possessing 341 square feet of coverage, this purifier is suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and other medium-sized spaces. Equipped with temperature, dust, and humidity sensors, this device has the technology to ensure your room’s air quality and comfort on all fronts. The sensors detect the air quality and the purifier is built to react to its air quality readings. So if any of the real-time readings are not ideal, the purifier automatically kicks into action. If you prefer to manually operate your purifier, this system has three pre-set fan speeds.

Furthermore, the Plasmacluster technology disperses negative and positive charged ions that combat germs, bacteria, and viruses. Additionally, the Sharp purifier employs a True HEPA filter which is essential to effectively containing airborne pollutants. This purifier removes up to 99.97% of airborne particulate matter. The purifying technology used to purify common household allergens and pollutants, coupled with the built-in humidifier, make this purifier a dream for allergy, sinus, and asthma sufferers.

Purifier Technology:

  • Room Size Suitability: 341 square feet
  • Filter Life: 5 years
  • Noise Level: 19db-62db
  • Monthly Energy Consumption: $3.72

What we love:

  • The filters are easily removed and replaced
  • The system’s intuitive technology is simple to operate
  • Its Energy Star rating means it’s highly energy efficient
  • The purifier’s unique dust sensor enables the purifier on detection

We don’t like this as much:

  • This model is not equipped with an odor sensor
  • There is no timer or auto mode
Sharp KC-860U Plasmacluster Triple Action Air Purifier Humidifier, 341 Square Feet, White
  • Air Purifier/Humidifier helps improve quality of air to maintain a fresh atmosphere
  • Suitable for a living room, family room, or bedroom up to 341 square feet
  • Plasmacluster Ion technology refreshes the air throughout the room
  • Humidification function adds humidity to the air for improved air quality in colder weather
  • Display monitors dust and humidity levels

4. Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0 

Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0 Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier (SPA-625A White)

This ultra-sleek, streamlined model may look very simplistic in design, but it is a rather powerful, state-of-the-art home air purification system. When used on its highest fan setting, this purifier can completely clean up to 625 square feet of air space twice in an hour. Designed with a 4-stage HEPA filtration system, the Rabbit Air BioGS both purifies and deodorizes air quality. The pre-filter catches larger dust particles and allergens, the BioGS HEPA filter traps microscopic particles, the carbon filter traps fumes and odors, and the negative ion generator emits freshened air. Astonishingly, the dual HEPA and carbon-activated filters will last up to 3 years without being replaced; the pre-filter, however, needs to be periodically hand-washed.

This purifier has a 5-speed motor that is nearly silent when used at its lowest setting, but tolerable nonetheless at its highest setting. Its BioGS HEPA filter technology has the same great capabilities as the True HEPA filter, but what’s better is its filter longevity. While it traps the same allergens and pollutants as the True HEPA, the BioGS HEPA reduces filter build-up improving the efficiency of the filter. Finally, the Rabbit is equipped with smart features as well as child-safety features.

Purifier Technology:

  • Room Size Suitability: 625 square feet
  • Filter Life: 3 years
  • Noise Level: 22.8db-50.4db
  • Monthly Energy Consumption: $1

What we love:

  • This purifier is Energy Star rated so it will keep yearly usage cost low
  • The Rabbit comes with a 5-year warranty and 24/7 lifetime technical support
  • This purifier comes with remote control, making it operable from a distance
  • This purifier’s design is the winner of many prestigious industry awards

We don’t like this as much:

  • There isn’t a sleep mode that disables backlights
  • This model isn’t equipped with timers or auto modes
Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0 Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier (SPA-625A White)
  • The BioGS SPA-625A air purifier will filter all the air in a room up to 625 sq. ft. twice in an hour on the highest setting.
  • BioGS HEPA Filtration with 4 stages of purification and deodorization. The BioGS HEPA and Charcoal-Based Activated Carbon Filters will last up to three years, based on 12 hours daily operation. The Pre-Filter is washable.
  • An ultra quiet BLDC motor operates at five different speeds. It’s virtually silent at low speed.
  • Energy Star certified units will not run up your energy bill.
  • Backed by industry leading five-year warranty and 24/7 lifetime technical support. Won several prestigious product design awards including Germany Red Dot award, Good Design Award by Chicago Athenaeum and Japan Good Design Award (G-Mark).

5. Blueair Classic 280i 

Blueair Classic 280i Air Purifier for home with HEPASilent Technology and DualProtection Filters for relief from Allergies, Viruses, Pets, Dust, Asthma, Odors, Smoke – Small to Medium Rooms

Blueair is an efficient air purifier suitable for small to medium-sized rooms like bedrooms, nurseries, offices, and other 200-300 square foot spaces. Equipped with dual filters, this purifier is designed to reduce contaminants known to aggravate asthma and allergies. Blueair’s HEPASilent technology is proven to capture 99.97% of airborne toxins like pollen, dust, fumes, mold, and even pet dander. Blueair’s carbon filter is an innovative one with natural coconut carbon to further remediate air pollution without chemical enhancers. This device also uses electrostatic attraction to draw airborne particles and contaminants to its filter.

Furthermore, this purifier is built with air quality sensors that work in real-time to engage the device’s auto mode where necessary. Cleverly, the Blueair purifier is wi-fi enabled and can be controlled remotely through a downloadable app or Amazon’s Alexa. It’s also equipped with a timer mode so that you can set it and forget it, as well as a sleep mode that works at the lowest fan setting, whose noise level is nearly inaudible. Speaking of fan settings, this model has three fan speeds that are operated from a user-friendly, intuitive control panel. Lastly, the Blueair purifier is constructed of a durable steel frame so it’s built to last.

Purifier Technology:

  • Room Size Suitability: 279 square feet
  • Filter Life: 6 months
  • Noise Level: 32db-56db
  • Monthly Energy Consumption: $7-$30 per year

What we love:

  • A notification light alerts you when the filter needs to be changed
  • This purifier is certified for safe ozone emissions
  • The Energy Star rating ensures its energy efficiency
  • The filter’s electrostatic filter electrifies and decimates airborne pollutants

We don’t like this as much:

  • Because of its steel frame, this purifier is heavy, weighing nearly 30 pounds
  • Although the ozone emissions are at a safe level, there is a slight odor
Blueair Classic 280i Air Purifier for home with HEPASilent Technology and DualProtection Filters for relief from Allergies, Viruses, Pets, Dust, Asthma, Odors, Smoke – Small to Medium Rooms
  • HEPASILENT TECHNOLOGY leverages electrostatic charge and mechanical filtration to deliver true HEPA performance capturing 99. 97% of airborne pollutants including dust, mold, pet dander, and pollen for relief from allergies and asthma
  • DUAL PROTECTION FILTERS with activated coconut carbon, naturally remove gaseous pollutants and smoke without the need for chemical additives
  • AIR QUALITY SENSORS monitor air quality in real time and adjust fan speed accordingly when set to auto mode
  • WIFI ENABLED for control through the Blueair friend app and Alexa compatible
  • SMALL to MEDIUM rooms between 200 sq. ft. And 300 sq. ft. (AHAM rated at 279 sq. ft) such as small bedrooms, nurseries, and offices

6. TruSens Z-3000

TruSens Air Purifier | 360 HEPA Filtration with Dupont Filter | UV Light Sterilization Kills Bacteria Germs Odor Allergens in Home | Dual Airflow for Full Coverage (Large)

The cylindrical design of this air purifier gives your space 360° air coverage. With the ability to remove contaminants for larger spaces of up to 750 square feet, the TruSens purification system is ideal for larger rooms like master suites, basements, larger living rooms, small apartments, or dormitories. Equipped with four levels of filters, including a True HEPA H-13 filter, the TruSens Z-3000 efficiently captures both large and microscopic particulate matter and volatile organic compound gases too. Beyond the efficiency of the quadruple filtration technology, this purifier also has a UV-C light sanitizer for added protection.

Additionally, this purifier is outfitted with a remote Sensor Pod that detects and alerts the purifier to real-time air quality. The purifier, on detection of poor air quality, automatically adjusts fan speed to the ideal setting to return the room’s air quality to optimal. There’s also a dual-air flow feature that delivers purified air bidirectionally for optimal room coverage. Further, there’s an easy-to-use, brightly-lit LED display and operator’s panel that is color-coded and manages all the purifier’s actions, modes, filter indicators, and notifiers. Finally, this purifier is equipped with adjustable air straighteners that can focus airstreams in your desired direction.

Purifier Technology:

  • Room Size Suitability: 750 square feet
  • Filter Life: 12 to 15 months
  • Noise level: 32db – 66db
  • Monthly energy Consumption: $2

What we love:

  • The state-of-the-art axial-centrifugal fan performs maximum suction
  • An air quality monitor, separate from the purifier, monitors air quality elsewhere in a room
  • The purifier is equipped with a carry handle, making it easy to transport
  • When in night mode, the fan speed is ultra-quiet, and the lights are dimmed

We don’t like this as much:

  • The console requires 5 12V batteries
  • Replacement UV bulbs can be difficult to find
TruSens Air Purifier | 360 HEPA Filtration with Dupont Filter | UV Light Sterilization Kills Bacteria Germs Odor Allergens in Home | Dual Airflow for Full Coverage (Large)
  • CAPTURES AND DESTROYS POLLUTANTS: 360-degree DuPont True HEPA filtration captures pollutants such as airborne viruses, allergens, and certain VOC gases. Ultraviolet light (UV-C) kills germs and bacteria trapped in the filter.
  • SMARTER SENSING: Most traditional purifiers don't know the air quality in the room. TruSens does, and reacts. Our remote SensorPod will actively monitor the air quality of the room and take action. Placed across the room, SensorPod communicates back to the TruSens purifier so it can automatically adjust its fan speed. This way, you can be certain the entire room is benefiting from cleaner air.
  • DUAL AIRFLOW: PureDirect proprietary technology splits clean air into two air streams, delivering purified air more comfortably and efficiently throughout the room. Bi-directional airflow delivers purified air more effectively throughout a room, and in some cases, has been proven to be up to 24% more efficient than traditional air purifiers with vertical airflow.
  • DETAILED LED DISPLAY: Air conditions in your home can change rapidly. Information is power and TruSens purifiers give you the power to manage your home’s air quality. The color-coded LED display will provide the peace of mind from knowing that TruSens is taking action on your behalf. Our air purifiers were designed with a simple touch controls for all the functions that matter most, including fan speeds, auto-timer, UV mode and filter replacement indicators.
  • TRUSENS: TruSens is designed for your lifestyle. Our focus was to create an air purifier that is beautifully designed, simple to use, and beneficial to your living space. Trust TruSens for cleaner air.

7. Blueair Blue Pure 211

Blueair Blue Pure 211+ Auto Large Area Air Purifier with Auto mode for allergies, pollen, dust smoke, pet dander with HEPASilent technology and washable pre-filter

This air purification system is chock-full of special design elements and efficiency features making it perfect for larger indoor spaces. Included in the design of this purifier are a washable, fabric pre-filter to catch large particles, a HEPA filter for microscopic particulate matter, and a carbon-activated filter for fumes and odors. This purifier’s particle sensor system maintains optimal air quality by engaging as soon as low quality is detected. Furthermore, the HEPASilent technology works its purifying magic, delivering clean air for a fraction of the energy cost of its competitors.

Finally, the Blueair Blue Pure 211 is operated by a single button for ease of control. The tower design of this purifier delivers 360° air purification for optimal space coverage. This purifier is also equipped with easy-to-read indicators that notify you of your room’s air quality level and when the filter needs to be changed. For your convenience, there’s also an auto-mode setting that leaves the guesswork out of operating your purifier. This system’s Energy Star rating ensures low cost and noise, but optimal efficiency. This purifier works well to remove 99.97% of all allergens and airborne pollutants, making it ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers.

Purifier Technology:

  • Room Size Suitability: 540 square feet
  • Filter Life: 6 months
  • Noise level: 23db – 56db
  • Monthly energy Consumption: $1 – $2

What we love:

  • The customizable pre-filter comes in multiple color options
  • This purifier is mains-powered and does not require batteries
  • It comes with a 1-year limited warranty, but a 2-year extended warranty is available
  • Aesthetically speaking, this purifier is simple and clean-looking

We don’t like this as much:

  • Unlike other Blueair models, this purifier is not wi-fi compatible
  • This purifier is not equipped with a remote control function
Blueair Blue Pure 211+ Auto Large Area Air Purifier with Auto mode for allergies, pollen, dust smoke, pet dander with HEPASilent technology and washable pre-filter
  • Performance you can trust; Third-party tested for performance by the AHAM Verifide Program for a Clean Air Delivery Rate of Smoke 353, Pollen 380, Dust 347
  • Recommended for large rooms; Completely filters air in large living rooms, family rooms & playrooms about every 12 minutes¹ (5x an hour at 550 square feet)² on high
  • Intuitive Auto mode; Automatically adjusts to real-time conditions reported by the particle sensor to maintain a comfortable home environment
  • HEPASilent technology; Delivers more³ clean air with less energy and noise⁴; Activated carbon traps light odors⁵
  • Low noise and energy; Quietly cleans the air with less noise than a whisper⁶ on low (23 dB) and up to a normal conversation on high (56 dB) – while using less energy than a light bulb (4-38 W) on all speeds⁷

8. IQAir Atem 

IQAir [Atem Desk Personal Air Purifier [HyperHEPA Filter, up to 150 sq.ft. coverage] Bacteria, Viruses, Airborne Infections, Allergies, Pets, Asthma, Pollen, Dust; Swiss Made (Black)

This personal air purifier is meant for small spaces and is especially recommended as a desktop purifier. This is a great purification system for allergy and asthma sufferers in the workplace. The HyperHEPA filtration system delivers directed and concentrated purified air directly to your breathing space. The filter can contain ultrafine, microscopic particulate matter ten times smaller than that of an airborne virus. The HyperHEPA technology filters much smaller particles than the ordinary HEPA filters.

Equipped with a Pure Jet diffuser, this personal purifier delivers purified air straight to your surroundings. Furthermore, the portability of this purifier makes it ideal for traveling as it can be used in the car, on the go, or upon arrival at travel destinations. Moreover, this purifier can be remotely operated from a wi-fi-enabled device with an easily downloadable application. The purifier’s three fan speeds and standby mode can be easily operated with the app or simple taps to the device’s logo. The app also communicates filter life notifications to the user.

Purifier Technology:

  • Room Size Suitability: 150 square feet
  • Filter Life: 12 months
  • Noise level: 20db – 44db
  • Monthly energy Consumption: $1.50

What we love:

  • A 3-year limited warranty is provided upon registration of your device
  • The system’s backlight can be disengaged to not disrupt sleep
  • Setting up the purifier takes less than 5 minutes
  • A carrying case is available for an additional cost

We don’t like this as much:

  • It’s marketed for use in a car but requires the purchase of a car kit
  • The purchase of a power pack is required to use the purifier in places without an electrical supply
IQAir [Atem Desk Personal Air Purifier [HyperHEPA Filter, up to 150 sq.ft. coverage] Bacteria, Viruses, Airborne Infections, Allergies, Pets, Asthma, Pollen, Dust; Swiss Made (Black)
  • #1 Rated personal air purifier (Winner of 2019 Global Innovations Award)
  • Only IQAir’s exclusive HyperHEPA filters stop ultrafine particles (down to 0.003 microns)
  • Stops the smallest particles that exist: 10x smaller than a virus
  • HyperHEPA filtration delivers up to 99% purified air to your personal breathing zone
  • Direct purchases from the manufacturer will require a signature to acknowledge receipt upon delivery. Direct purchases from the manufacturer will require a signature to acknowledge receipt upon delivery. CARB EO # G-18-064. EPA Establishment # 97566-DEU-1

Frequently Asked Questions About Air Purifiers Under $500

What is the average monthly cost for an air purifier?

As noted in the product descriptions, the average monthly cost to run a home air purifier is astonishingly low. Certainly, the exact expense depends on the fan settings to which your purifier is set. However, most home air purification systems equipped with HEPA filters use only between 50-100 watts per hour. Estimating your air purifier will likely run for about 12 hours per day, the electricity cost comes in under $5 per month. Take that a step further, and the annual cost is under $60. If your purifier runs 24 hours per day, double that cost, and the annual expense to run your air purifier is still remarkably low (under $120).

What is HEPASilent technology?

Blueair’s patented HEPASilent filters capture 99.97% of all airborne particulate matter as small as 0.1 microns in size. What’s more, HEPASilent filters decimate germs through the use of electrostatic and mechanical techniques. In essence, the HEPASilent Technology is high performing and optimally efficient in-home air purification. Although HEPA filters are the industry standard in-home air purification, the HEPASilent’s functionality is “whisper-silent”, quieter than its competitors, and more highly energy efficient. When set to its lowest setting, a Blueair, HEPASilent-equipped air purifier is so quiet that you may even question if it’s working.

On average how long does a HEPA filter last?

Depending on the HEPA filter’s size, who manufactures it, and the conditions under which it is used, the lifespan of a HEPA filter is anywhere from 1-5 years. Generally speaking, budget purifiers tend to need their filters replaced sooner than the more expensive brands. HEPA filters in cheaper brand purifiers may need to be replaced annually, while better quality filters and purifiers can go as long as five years without replacement. Many air purifiers are equipped with filter indicators that alert you when it’s time to change your filter, while others rely on the manufacturer’s instructions. Either way, when it’s time to change your filter, do so, but if you’re unsure, err on the side of caution and replace your HEPA filter annually.

Which Air Purifier is Best For You?

If you’re considering the purchase of an air purifier, you certainly know how beneficial it can be to the purity of your home and the breathability of your air. This is even more true if you’re an allergy or asthma sufferer. Choosing the right purifier for your unique needs and space is of utmost importance, but so too is cost. There are many factors to consider when deciding which air purifier will best meet your needs. Certainly, the size of the room whose air you wish to purify is a foremost consideration. You’ll want to be sure to match the purifier’s square-foot specifications to the actual measurements of the space you’ll be using the purifier in.

Of note, the cost of an air purifier is also important to consider. With so many options vastly ranging in cost, narrowing down a selection can be challenging. The purifiers reviewed herein are both budget-conscious and efficient models. Each is a high-quality, energy-efficient air purifier that will help to eliminate airborne contaminants from your home or office. All of the purifiers employ HEPA filtration technology to some extent which is the industry standard. A thorough self-assessment of your desired purification needs and your budget should help you narrow down the best model for your home or office.

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