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Aprilaire air cleaner

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Aprilaire are known for creating high quality whole house air purifiers. The first air cleaner to be released was the 5000 Aprilaire electronic air cleaner which hit the market in July 2000. Now the 5000 model is joined by the 2000 and 4000 range of media air cleaners.

Whole House cleaners are purifiers that are attached to your house furnace system and require a HVAC technician to install them.


Here are some quick plus points of the 5000 Aprilaire Air Cleaner

  • The manufacture says that the house air cleaner can deal with at least 95% of air particles that are bigger than 0.35 microns.  In comparison, some house furnace air cleaners usually only have a 70% efficiency at blocking particle less than 0.35 microns.
  • According to the claims of Aprilaire – the system uses an electronic media filter that will require changing only once a year. This was found to be true by an independent LMS test which puts the Aprilaire at the front of its competitors in this regard.

Test Data Versus Other Whole House Air Cleaners


In an independent test results the Aprilaire was rated second in its ability to remove air particles in comparison with the Carrier Infinity, Trane CleanEffects and the Honeywell F300.  The Aprilaire air cleaner was found to remove at least 90% of all air particles bigger than 0.3 microns.

How Does  Aprilaire Air Cleaner Work?


Unlike a lot of whole house purifiers, the Aprilaire uses a 2 stage process of electronic ionization matched with a micro-fibre filter. The electronic stage charges the surrounding particles which are then picked up by the small fibre filter.

In comparison most of the residential air cleaners use just one technology such as the Honeywell Fx00 range which use only electronic filters. The benefit of using two technologies is that the electronic unit will make it easier for the filter to pick up particles. As particles are charged they are made heavier which means that it will be easier for them to be caught in the filter.

Most electronic air cleaners will require cleaning regularly but with a combined system it seems that you will only have to replace the media system every year. The cost of 2 of these Aprilaire 5000 filter media cost just under $60 on (which is cheap!)

What About The Problems?

Cleaning 90% of particles bigger than 0.35 microns is good but this is only 10% of the air particles in the air! You need a purifier that can stop 95% of particles bigger than 0.03 microns.

Whole house air cleaners sound like the perfect solution but there are many faults with the concept. In brief a whole house air purifier will only clean where the main airflows exist. You can read more about this problem by reading this article: Do Whole House Air Purifiers Work?


As the independent results show the Aprilaire range of air cleaners are some of best whole house air purifiers on the market.

The problem is due to the fact that  this unit is a whole house air purifier. Time and again these house cleaners fail to live up to expectations.

Whilst the Aprilaire air cleaners are the best out of the bunch i would still not recommend them. At a cost of $600, you will get more clean air for your dollar if you choose a portable air purifier.

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