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6 Best Cheap Dehumidifiers

Last updated November 19, 2022

Danny as been writing about air purifiers for 10+ years. He is a major fan of home technology, which makes him the perfect person to test and evaluate products for HouseFresh

Have you ever noticed condensation on your windows, a lingering musty smell, or even mold growing on your walls? If so, there may be an issue with humidity in your home. High humidity is caused by excess water vapor in the air and if the level of humidity reaches 60% inside your home, issues may start to occur affecting your belongings, building, and your health.  

There are various factors that contribute to excess water vapor in the air, from steamy showers to leaky pipes, however the adverse effects can easily be alleviated by using a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier works by passing warm air through refrigerated coils, cooling the air causing it to contract and turn into condensation, leaving cool and dry air to be redistributed into the home.   

Investing in a dehumidifier can cost you anything from $15 to $5000, and while many of the cheaper models may prove to be ineffective, we have scoured the market and found some excellent options all for under $100. If you have more budget then you might be more interested in what is our best whole house dehumidifier which can be used in far large spaces.

It’s important to remember that a dehumidifier will operate at its most effective in a specific-sized room. So while these models may not transform the humidity in your whole home, they can easily tackle humidity in localized hotspots, such as the bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room, and are often small enough to be easily transported and utilized all around the home.  

To help you find the best dehumidifier for your needs, we assessed each machine’s performance and usability, looking into how much moisture can be removed from the air, the room size suitability, operating noise, and energy consumption. If you’re concerned about airborne pollutants in your home as well as humidity levels and you’re still on a budget, take a look at what we think are the best cheap air purifiers which are under $100 but still can do a good job of cleaning your home air.

We also analyzed Consumer Reports and genuine customer reviews of each of our recommended dehumidifiers to ensure real users were happy with their performance and they will meet your expectations.

1. Pro Breeze Electric Dehumidifier

The Pro Breeze Electric Dehumidifier works in small areas, packed with enough power to remove up to 9oz of moisture in the air daily. This design makes it helpful in areas that have low or an average amount of humidity, and it also has a reservoir tank that slides out smoothly for emptying. You won’t have to keep checking to see if it’s full either as the unit features an LED indicator that will light up to alert you when the tank has reached its capacity.

Operating the unit is as easy as pressing a switch to turn it on and off. Thanks to it being so light in weight, you can transport it with ease. This makes it useful to use in rooms where it can’t generally stay in, like a bathroom and closet, as well as in units such as an RV or motorhome.

  • Tank Size: 1 pint
  • Room Size Suitability: 215 square feet
  • Weight: 2.4 pounds
  • Special Features: One-button switch control | LED full tank indicator

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What we love

  • Runs with a quiet noise level
  • A great eco-friendly option as it has a low energy consumption
  • Designed to have a small footprint so it won't take up much space
  • Auto shut-off function when the tank is full

We don't like this as much

  • Could benefit from having a more straightforward, faster drain setup
  • Requires frequent emptying as the tank is on the smaller side

2. Eva-Dry Wireless Mini Dehumidifier

The Eva-Dry Wireless Mini Dehumidifier can be the go-to unit for people who need to handle a mild to moderate amount of humidity in a small or confined space. Meaning, you can use this in such spaces as a closet, a safe, or a vehicle. Since it can handle odors, as well as absorbing moisture in the air, it even works when used inside a gym bag. The orange beads on the display indicate that it’s working, while the green will highlight that it is at capacity.

This dehumidifier has a sleek design so you can leave it standing or use the hanger to hang it up, a useful feature if used inside your wardrobe. Alongside that, the unit is compact and easily portable. Since it has a cordless design, it’s easier than ever to set it up where you need it. The only time it uses electricity is when it needs to be plugged in for recharging and drying back out the beads.

  • Tank Size: N/A
  • Room Size Suitability: 333 square feet
  • Weight: 0.9 pounds
  • Special Features: Silica moisture-absorbing beads

What we love

  • Non-toxic material that's pet and child safe
  • Simple to recharge
  • Easy to discern if the beads are wet through the viewing window
  • Does well at absorbing humidity at a fast pace

We don't like this as much

  • Can get noticeably warm when it is recharging
  • Requires a whole outlet to recharge, so it can't be plugged in with anything else

3. COSVII 200ml Small Dehumidifier

The COSVII 200ml Small Dehumidifier is a highly efficient unit that can pull in moisture from every corner of the room for wider coverage. It does this thanks to the double-side air outlet that creates a larger air channel. Also, with its upgraded chip, it is a smarter dehumidifier that doesn’t use up as much energy when running all day. Another convenient trait is its auto-off function that will stop the unit once the tank has reached capacity.

This unit is also user-friendly with a straightforward layout that only requires one-button switch control. There are three indicator lights that show up when it is working and when the tank is full. If you don’t want to look out for the light, you can easily check on how much water is in the tank due to the clear tank design from the front and the back of the unit. Additionally, since this is a mini dehumidifier, you can set it up out of the way in various rooms, allowing you to steadily lower the humidity levels around the entire house one room at a time.

  • Tank Size: 4 pints
  • Room Size Suitability: 480 square feet
  • Weight: 3.97 pounds
  • Special Features: 360-degree airflow | one-button control

What we love

  • Lightweight, so it's simple to carry and move
  • Runs quiet for nighttime use
  • Reservoir tank is easy to empty
  • Tank is a good size to hold plenty of water

We don't like this as much

  • Being a mini dehumidifier, it can take a bit longer to filter medium-sized rooms
  • Unable to turn off the bright light

4. hysure Portable Mini Dehumidifier

The hysure Portable Mini Dehumidifier makes good use of Peltier technology, being a disturbance-free unit thanks to its whisper-quiet operation. Additionally, this technology reduces the weight so that you can pick it up and move it around in different places throughout the room or your home with no issue. Such a portable size will also make this beneficial to use in places like an RV, crawl space, or even on your workbench in a garage.

Although it is relatively simple, the dehumidifier still has some upgraded features to make it a modern unit. There is an indicator light that will turn on to tell you that the tank is full. This allows you to set this unit up and walk away, not worrying about checking the tank ever so often. There is only a single button to use too to turn the unit on and off, making it remarkably easy and quick for anyone to handle. For those who want something eco-friendly, the unit is designed without any chemical substances and also boasts a comparatively low energy consumption amongst its peers.

  • Tank Size: 1 pint
  • Room Size Suitability: 215 square feet
  • Weight: 2.4 pounds
  • Special Features: One-button control

What we love

  • Emits a comfortable, low-noise humming sound
  • Sleek, unobtrusive design
  • Takes little time to set up
  • Good auto-off function

We don't like this as much

  • Could have more power so that it pulls more moisture at a faster rate
  • Does require some time to empty as the outtake holes are relatively small

5. Tenergy Sorbi Air Dehumidifier

The Tenergy Sorbi Air Dehumidifier does double duty of cleaning the air and removing moisture. For cleaning the air, it uses a True HEPA filter to capture up to 99.97% of airborne particles, leaving you with better air quality overall. On the dehumidifier side of things, as it works to pull in moisture, the indicator button will light up once the tank is full. You can control just how powerful it is too, thanks to the two fan speed options.

The reservoir tank isn’t prone to spillage as it features a removable lid. This dehumidifier is relatively easy to maintain overall as the filter can be changed every six months or so depending on usage, and the water tank is straightforward to clean and dry so there is no mold build-up inside the unit. To control the unit, it has touch-button operation. Also, it’s easy to set up as it has a 5ft cord so you can place it numerous locations away from the outlet as needed. This can help if you need to angle the dehumidifier near an area that doesn’t have an outlet like a closet.

  • Tank Size: 2 pints
  • Room Size Suitability: 200 square feet
  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • Special Features: HEPA filtration

What we love

  • Simple to remove the tank for emptying
  • Does well at also removing airborne dust
  • Generally, it doesn't warm up the room
  • Designed so it can fit on a tabletop

We don't like this as much

  • Buttons to control and change features could be more user-friendly
  • Can take some time to remove humidity depending on the room size

6. Pure Enrichment PureDry Mini Dehumidifier

The PureDry Mini Dehumidifier is a portable unit that has a single switch to turn it on and off. It is ideal for people looking for something simplistic and effective. This unit is lightweight as well so that it is no struggle to move it around as you see fit. Furthermore, it is designed so that you are able to monitor its progress from the front and the back at a quick glance of the see-through water tank.

An interesting aspect of this dehumidifier is that it is designed for year-round use. You can use it just as well in the hot summer months as you can in the colder winter days, battling seasonal allergies and pests with ease. If appearances are important, this sleek unit adds a stylish touch to any room it’s in. It is user-friendly too, thanks to the intelligent design since it will automatically shut off when the tank is full to prevent overflow. This unit will also offer you peace of mind as, if anything happens, it is backed by a comfortable 5-year warranty.

  • Tank Size: 1.6 pints
  • Room Size Suitability: 110 square feet
  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • Special Features: Transparent water tank

What we love

  • Clear tank design so it's easy to see when the tank is full
  • Quiet motor for undisturbed use
  • Easy-to-read instructions
  • Minimal maintenance as it's simple to wipe and dry the tank

We don't like this as much

  • If used frequently, the tank will need to be emptied often
  • Might have some spillage when removing a full tank

FAQs About Cheap Dehumidifiers

What are the different types of dehumidifiers? There are three types of dehumidifiers: compressor, desiccant, and thermo-electric. A compressor dehumidifier uses refrigeration to lower the temperature inside the unit. As it pulls in warmer air, the coolness inside causes condensation that will collect in the water tank. That warmer air is then blown back out, but it doesn't have any water in it. This tends to collect a lot of airborne moisture, so the tank needs regular emptying or the connection of a drainage hose. They're louder than most as well. Secondly is a desiccant dehumidifier. This uses an absorbent material to wick away moisture in the air, and since they don't condense moisture the way a compressor unit does, this type of dehumidifier will be more ideal in colder rooms like a garage or a basement. Lastly is the thermo-electric dehumidifier. This type is highly affordable, and they use electric refrigeration to condense and collect airborne moisture. However, this type tends to remove the least amount of moisture in the air within a day, so it can take a bit longer. How do I pick the right size dehumidifier? Determining the right size depends on a few factors. For starters, how big is the room you need to use it in? Also, what are the humidity levels? The size of a dehumidifier is determined by how many pints it's able to remove in a single day. If humidity is a major concern, then you need a dehumidifier powerful enough to handle high moisture environments. A unit that has a 70-pint tank can effectively handle these types of situations in large rooms. If you have a smaller room or less of a humidity problem, then something smaller around 20 pints will be effective. What features should I look out for when buying a dehumidifier? Certain features can make using a dehumidifier more convenient. For instance, a filter indicator light and a bucket full indicator light are beneficial components. These will tell you when it's time to clean a filter and when you need to empty the bucket. Also, consider a hose connection on large capacity dehumidifiers. This will let you run it continuously without having to empty it throughout the day. Some dehumidifiers have an automatic mode with humidity detection. This will auto-detect the humidity levels and turn the unit on or off depending on the room's needs. Other dehumidifiers have multiple fan speeds too so you can run it with more power or less based on what you feel is best. Which Dehumidifier is Best for You? High moisture environments can quickly make your home uncomfortable. It can cause allergen issues, lead to mold and mildew, and even bring out unwanted pests that thrive in moisture-filled environments like spiders and silverfish. That's why dehumidifiers are beneficial. However, dehumidifiers can be expensive, especially the larger ones. That's why we found some top-rated, affordable dehumidifiers that can provide you all the help your home needs without breaking the bank. Don't forget to look at our favorite options for the best budget-friendly option, the best mid-range option, and our favorite high-end unit.