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Do Air Purifiers Make the Air Dry?

Last updated December 4, 2021

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Author avatar Danny Ashton

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Adding an air purifier to your space can make a huge difference in terms of the air quality in your home. Air purifiers are one of the best things you can buy if you want to reduce the amount of dust, dander, and other airborne pollutants in your home. But do air purifiers make the air dry?

This article will answer that question and provide some insight into why people sometimes feel as though their air purifier is drying out the air in their home. 

Do air purifiers dry out the air?

The short answer is no; air purifiers do not make the air dry. However, many people feel as though this is the case, and there is a very good reason for why that is, so let’s look at the long answer to the question so that you can understand why it feels like your air purifier is making the air dry.

Why does it feel like your air purifier is making the air dry?

There are two main reasons why it sometimes feels as though your air purifier is drying out the air. Let’s go over each of them so that you can understand what’s going on with this phenomenon. 

Your air purifier could be circulating air too quickly

First and foremost, we should start by saying that it is impossible for an air purifier to dry out the air. This is because air purifiers do not have a water tank or any other means by which to hold moisture, so even if the air purifier did pull moisture out of the air, it would have no way to retain that moisture, and it would be released into the air again just as quickly. 

On the other hand, Dehumidifiers have a water tank for exactly this reason, so that they can pull moisture out of the air and retain it so that it doesn’t go back into your space again. So, if your air-purifier also has a dehumidifier feature, then it could be possible that this is the case, but otherwise, it’s simply not possible for an air purifier to dry out the air. 

What an air purifier does do, though, is circulate the air in your room, and as a result of this, it can sometimes feel like the air is drier. But why is that? The reason is pretty simple. Warm air feels more humid and, as such, feels moist; likewise, cool air feels less humid and drier. So, as the air purifier circulates the air in your room, the air becomes cooler, which causes it to feel less humid and therefore drier, but in reality, there is no change to the amount of moisture in the air occurring when you run an air purifier. 

Your air purifier could be circulating cold winter air

The second reason why it may feel like your air purifier is drying out the air in your space has to do with the climate. In general, air purifiers are used more frequently in the winter because, during the summer months, people are more likely to open a window for some fresh air. In the winter, it may be too cold to do so, and as a result, people turn to air purifiers to clean the air in their homes. 

However, because people generally have less ventilation in the winter, they tend to run their air purifiers more frequently, and since the only source of fresh air in your home is the cold winter air, the air naturally feels drier. This is again because cold air feels less humid than dry air. But this has everything to do with the cold winter air and lack of ventilation during the winter months and nothing to do with your air purifier. 

How to make the air feel moist when running an air purifier?

Despite the fact that your air purifier is not drying out the air, it can still feel like it is, and so for all intents and purposes, it might as well be. So, what can you do to combat this phenomenon and make the air feel moist while running your air purifier? Fortunately, there are a few simple tricks that can help. Let’s go over them now. 

Run a humidifier at the same time

If the feeling of dry air really bothers you, try turning on a humidifier. By filling a humidifier with water and then turning it on, you will be releasing moisture into the air, which can combat the feeling of having dry air as a result of running your air purifier. 

Turn the fan speed down on your air purifier

Again, because the circulation of air can cool the air causing it to feel drier, one great tip is to simply reduce the fan speed on your air purifier. When the fan is set to a slower speed, then the air will circulate at a slower rate, and as such, it will cool less, which will, in turn, diminish the feeling of the air being dry. 

Close any windows that may be open in the winter

If you have any windows open in your room in the winter while you are also running your air purifier, then you should definitely close them as this will dramatically reduce the odds of the air feeling dry. 


It is impossible for air purifiers to dry out the air because they don’t have a water tank with which to store moisture. However, because air purifiers do circulate the air, it can sometimes feel as though they are making the air dry. To combat this feeling, you can try lowering the speed of the fan on your air purifier, running a humidifier to put a little more moisture in the air, and closing any windows that may be open in the same room as the air purifier during the winter months.