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6 Best Filterless Air Purifiers

Last updated February 3, 2023

Danny as been writing about air purifiers for 10+ years. He is a major fan of home technology, which makes him the perfect person to test and evaluate products for HouseFresh

There are so many amazing benefits of using air purifiers. They eliminate harmful chemicals, neutralize unwanted smells, and help to relieve symptoms of allergies. There are some downsides, however, and two of the main drawbacks are their maintenance and cost. Many purifiers contain disposable filters, which means they need to be replaced regularly (commonly every 6-12 months). 

The good news is that plenty of filterless air purifiers are on the market. As you’ve probably guessed, this means they have minimal upkeep when compared to the filtered versions and can work out cheaper in the long run. In general, we still prefer mechanical filters as they can remove bacteria and viruses more effectively without risking byproduct creation.

Like a filtered device, filterless units are designed to clean the air by removing harmful airborne particles. Many filterless purifiers also contain UV-C technology, which helps to kill airborne viruses and bacteria. TSS (thermodynamic sterilization) is also effective in destroying things like mold and dust mites.

Before you invest in a filterless purifier, it’s wise to think particularly carefully about your budget and room size. The CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of a system lets you know how much square footage it will clean per hour. The GermGuardian Pluggable Air Purifier is capable of cleaning up to 200 square feet. While the Air Oasis 3000G3 covers a whopping 3000 square feet.

All of our recommendations came from genuine people like you who have used these filterless air purifiers. Furthermore, we utilized consumer reports analysis to remove any fake and misleading reviews. While filterless purifiers do not contain HEPA filters, we were committed to choosing products that match the effectiveness of HEPA. This meant we could ensure that all of our choices capture the greatest number of harmful particles and toxins.

1. Air Oasis 3000G3 Air & Surface Purifier

The Air Oasis 3000G3 features quiet operation, powerful ion and UV technology for effective purification. Allergen particles such as pet dander, pollen, and dust are reduced by up to 99%. In addition, this unit is capable of eliminating odors and volatile organic compounds from indoor air by up to 99% too. For busy households with children and pets, the Air Oasis provides fresher and cleaner air that removes odor and can improve sleep. Furthermore, it can help reduce accumulation of harmful mold and bacteria on both surfaces around the house and in the air.

  • Purifier Technology: UVC
  • Room Size Suitability: 3000 square feet
  • Noise level: 30 decibels

What we love

  • Utilized by doctors for addressing breathing issues connected to mold
  • Features NASA developed technology called advanced hydration photocatalytic oxidation
  • Comes equipped with bi-polar ionization for powerful results
  • Powerful enough performance for damp basements, pet clinics, and hotel rooms

We don't like this as much

  • We would like to see a more rounded design as opposed to sharp corners

2. AIRFREE P1000 Filterless Air Purifier

The AIRFREE P1000 utilizes an exclusive thermodynamic TSS method for removing harmful substances from the air. Indoor air is purified of bacteria, viruses, dust mites, tobacco, and mold, creating a healthier living environment and improving quality of life. The manufacturer compares the AIRFREE P1000 operation to boiling water to remove contaminants as both utilize sterilizing heat. In addition, this unit offers a customizable night light that can be great for children’s rooms. It delivers an excellent cleaning performance in a small stylish form that can complement or blend into any space.

  • Purifier Technology: TSS
  • Room Size Suitability: 450 square feet
  • Noise level: Completely silent

What we love

  • This unit emits no ozone, ions, or UV for optimal use around children and pets
  • It doesn’t make use of fans and is therefore silent when in operation
  • Independent tests have proven that it reduces ozone by up to 26%
  • Air is cooled before venting back into the room

We don't like this as much

  • Night light instructions could be clearer

3. GermGuardian Pluggable Air Purifier

The GermGuardian is an excellent choice for healthier air inside the house. One of the most significant advantages of this unit is its compact design. Its 7-inch size provides a wall-pluggable cleaner that effectively removes odors, germs, and cooking fumes. Utilizing a UV C light bulb, the GermGuardian offers up to a year of operation before a replacement bulb is needed. This purifier is ideal for smaller areas or rooms where a larger unit wouldn’t be practical. For example, it is particularly useful for those with cats at home who want relief from the odor of the litter box room or area.

  • Purifier Technology: UV-C light bulb
  • Room Size Suitability: 200 square feet
  • Noise level: Minimal white noise emitted

What we love

  • Small size makes the unit easily portable
  • Soft blue light emits when the unit powers on, indicating it is operational
  • Removes formaldehyde, among other toxic particles
  • The blue light and subtle white noise provide a soothing backdrop for sleep

We don't like this as much

  • There isn’t a clear indication when the bulb needs to be replaced

4. Airfree Lotus Filterless Purifier

The first detail to notice about the AirFree Lotus is its unique and artistic design. This unit resembles a form out of nature and looks very distinctive, contributing with an eye-catching addition to any room. With completely silent operation, this unit works to remove substances from the air that include mold, bacteria, pollen, and many others. All without producing any disturbing noises. It utilizes thermodynamic TSS technology, and the toxic material is neutralized with hot air as it passes through the unit. Fortunately, the 400-degree air cools before being released back into the room for a wonderfully comfortable, non-intrusive experience.

  • Purifier Technology: TSS
  • Room Size Suitability: 650 square feet
  • Noise level: Silent

What we love

  • The unit requires absolutely no maintenance
  • Harmonic night light offers several color choices
  • No fans or filters, so energy consumption is meager
  • The smaller version offers additional placement options

We don't like this as much

  • The unit doesn’t disassemble for dusting or cleaning

5. HomeZens Portable Plug in Air Purifier

The HomeZens product is a compact plug-in that provides plenty of air sanitizing power. A UV C light neutralizes microorganisms and other airborne toxins. In addition to the small wall-pluggable design, it also features 180-degree rotation to accommodate different options. A low-speed fan works to circulate the air through the unit and past the UV C light for healthier air quality. Perfect for babies’ rooms, bathrooms, or pet areas, this purifier removes up to 99% of bacteria from the air.

  • Purifier Technology: UV C light
  • Room Size Suitability: 110 square feet
  • Noise level: 45 decibels

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What we love

  • The UV C light is contained within a protective top shield for additional safety
  • When plugged into the top outlet, the unit still allows for the bottom outlet to be used
  • The unit doesn’t emit any odor during operation
  • Attractive look complements décor

We don't like this as much

  • Polarized plug design won’t allow users to plug the unit in upside down

6. Germ Guardian Pluggable Air Purifier

This unit is another pluggable purifier from Germ Guardian that utilizes a UV C light to kill airborne bacteria. The Germ Guardian can neutralize influenza, staph, and rhinovirus, keeping your home safer from illness. In addition, this unit can remove odors from children’s rooms and pet areas. The look of this Germ Guardian model differs heavily from the other model on this list with a black squared form that features a circular light. Depending on where you decide to use the unit, this darker squared look may complement your interior style.

  • Purifier Technology: UV C light
  • Room Size Suitability: Small rooms
  • Noise level: Subtle white noise

What we love

  • The distinctive blue ring design on the front of the unit offers nice ambient light
  • When plugged into the top outlet, the unit doesn’t block the bottom outlet
  • Reviewers report the minimal white noise during operation isn’t intrusive
  • Reviewers report results in as little as an hour of operation

We don't like this as much

  • Not ideal for use upside down as its more weighted at one end and can come unplugged easily

FAQs about Filterless Air Purifiers

How does a filterless air purifier remove airborne toxins?

A few technologies can clean indoor air without a filter, such as TSS or UV C. With TSS, air heated to 400 degrees inside the unit neutralizes harmful particles as they pass through the unit and back into the room. A specialized bulb emits ultraviolet light with UV C that eliminates germs and other airborne pathogens as room air circulates through the cleaner.

What is UV-C technology?

UV stands for ultraviolet and is the third most powerful wavelength within the electromagnetic spectrum behind x-rays and gamma rays. UV is also used in black-light applications and naturally emits from the sun’s rays. UV-C is one of the variations of ultraviolet light and its waveform energy is ideal for sanitizing germs within the germicidal wavelength zone.

Which Air Purifier is best for you?

Each purifier on this list offers several benefits and can provide healthier indoor air. Depending upon the size of the space, you can select from small wall-pluggable units up to larger purifiers that will eliminate odors and sanitize the air. Regardless of the unit you choose, it’s essential to protect indoor air quality to prevent illness, allergies, and sleepless nights. In some cases, indoor air quality can be several times worse than what’s outside, and taking preventative action protects you and your family.