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Neoair Enviro Air Purifier

The Neoair Enviro 68108 retails for around $200 and features automated electronic controls and multiple stages of filtration. It is also designed to have low maintenance costs. Neoair, made in China, did not participate in the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers clean air delivery rate (CADR) testing, but the company says that on high speed, the Neoair moves 135 cubic feet per minute, 85 cubic feet per minute on medium, and 66 cubic feet per minute on the lowest setting. It is designed for rooms of up to 180 square feet.

The Neoair Enviro 68108 has a multiple filtration system. The pre-filter is washable and picks up pieces of hair, dust, and other larger bits floating in the air. Next up is a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter, which picks up 99.97% of particles that are 0.3 microns and larger in size. The HEPA filter in the Neoair contains activated charcoal that can get rid of minor chemical pollutants. Those who depend on serious chemical filtration will need something other than, or in addition to the Neoair Enviro 68108. To be fair, there are very few air purifiers in this price range that do a thorough job of filtering chemicals. The next filter is the Organic Fiber Sterilization filter which fights harmful microorganisms in the air. Users report that it does a good job picking up mold spores. Finally there is a low voltage negative ionizer that produces absolutely no ozone. The set of HEPA and organic fiber replacement filters costs about $45 and a set lasts for about a year (less if people smoke nearby).

Though consumer gripes are few, one flaw pointed out by several users is that this machine doesn’t have seals and gaskets, which allows bypass of unclean air, allowing excess dust to accumulate behind the HEPA filter. The lack of seals and gaskets is actually one reason why this air purifier runs very quietly, because there is not much of a pressure drop across the filtration system. A few users have said that even though it is quiet enough on its highest setting for sleep, the electronic display cannot be dimmed.
Overall, this machine gets high marks for its price range. It uses only an average of 32 watts, and measures a compact 17.8 x 8.4 x 12 inches and weighs 10 lbs. It comes with a two year warranty that replaces defective units. It is a compact, attractive, easy to use air purifier that gives users a lot for their money.

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