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Ultimate Home Cleaning Routine: Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Seasonal Checklists

Last updated November 10, 2021

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Cleaning your home properly can be a big task. Sometimes we feel as though we don’t know where to start, which only furthers procrastination and increases stress levels. 

Staying on track and maintaining a clean home is a much easier way of doing things than letting things pile up or get out of hand. There’s no need to feel overwhelmed; try getting into a daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal routine of doing things. 

Daily Cleaning Routine Checklist

Each day should begin by making your bed and tidying up your bedroom. Then, as the day progresses, you can sort through your daily mail and toss any junk that arrives. Gather up all of your laundry that needs to be washed and pick up any dirty clothes. 

Moving on to the kitchen, rinse your dishes off and put them away. Then you can clean and wipe down all the surfaces and finish off by sweeping up the floor.  To keep the air clean you will also want to invest in an air purifier, luckily we did the research to identify the best air purifier for the kitchen.

Before you get preoccupied with other tasks, quickly gather up misplaced items, place them where they belong, and pick up shoes and organize or put them away. 

Try to work through these steps quickly, so you have plenty of time in your day to do other important things. It may not look perfect, but by simply keeping on top of these things, your house will look put together constantly. 

Weekly Cleaning Routine Checklist

If you have other people in your household, you can always split up these tasks, so things get done quickly and easily. 

Cleaning the stovetop should be done once a week, if not more, depending on how often you cook, along with mopping, wiping out the inside of your microwave to keep the splatters under control, and scrubbing the kitchen sink, the cupboards, and appliances. You should also empty your waste bins and toss the crumbs that have accumulated in your toaster. 

In the bathroom, the shower, toilet, and sink should be cleaned weekly, followed by wiping down the mirrors and sweeping or mopping the floors, and changing out or washing the towels.

Monthly Cleaning Routine Checklist

Once per month, you should try to get into the habit of cleaning old food from the fridge and wiping out the shelves. Also, be sure to pull out your step stool so you can wipe the dust that tends to gather on top of it. 

Dusting, vacuuming, cleaning out the window sills, and washing all of your bedding are essential when it comes to developing a solid cleaning routine. 

Seasonal Cleaning Routine Checklist

We’ve all heard of spring cleaning, but why not do a couple of important tasks whenever we are graced with a new season? This will keep your home looking and feeling fresh and organized. 

Start by defrosting and cleaning your freezer out, and scrub the inside of your oven, so it looks brand new again. Then move on to your pantry and cupboard, try reorganizing them, and throwing out any expired food you find. In the bathrooms, identify and throw out your expired medicines and cosmetic products.

You can also focus on larger tasks like cleaning all of the windows in your home. Alternatively, you can move furniture around so you can get to everything that has gathered beneath them, steam-clean, or have your carpets professionally cleaned and reorganize your garage or basement. 

The hardest part might be staying motivated – but knowing exactly what needs doing, and when, will definitely help!