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Which Houseplant is Right for Your Home?

Last updated January 12, 2023

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Unfortunately, many of us who were born without green thumbs may find it tough and discouraging when choosing a plant that will suit our space and lifestyle. If you have a not-so-great track record when it comes to caring for plants, but you are determined to bring some into your home, why not try out some houseplants that are relatively easy to care for?

Cacti are high on the list when it comes to tolerant plants. They are drought-resistant and require very little water; the key is to plant them in well-draining soil. 

If spines and spikes aren’t really your thing, maybe consider something more sophisticated. The snake plant is a fantastic, stylish option for someone who has a more modern interior design taste. These plants are resilient and easy to care for, and they react the best to minimal watering. If the soil is moist at all, let it dry out completely before watering it again. 

If you are looking for an eye-catching hanging plant that isn’t going to soak up all of your time and energy to keep alive, a spider plant may be perfect for you! While spiders may not be the most popular thing in the world, the spider plant is among the most favored hanging indoor plants because of how exceptionally hardy and eye-catching they are. 

Maybe you have more skill when it comes to cooking rather than taking care of plants, why not try to grow some herbs indoors? Herbs are obviously appealing because of the flavor and fragrance they offer, but they are also surprisingly easy to grow and take care of. As long as you’ve got some sun on the windowsill, your herbs will be happy. 

Still not convinced? Follow this flow chart created by NeoMam Studios to help you find the perfect indoor plant for your home.