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Honeywell 30 Pint Dehumidifier TP30WKN Review

Last updated September 12, 2023

Danny as been writing about air purifiers for 10+ years. He is a major fan of home technology, which makes him the perfect person to test and evaluate products for HouseFresh

Our verdict:

If you are looking for a US company-designed dehumidifier for a fairly small space like a bedroom this unit is one of the best options available. Sadly due to its popularity, the price can be higher than the normal retail price so worth checking it against large units like the TP50WKN as they sometimes can be found for the same or cheaper price.


In winter our home gets super damp so I wanted a way to control the humidity in the bedroom as my wife and child both suffer from asthma and excess humidity can be a trigger for them.

I was attracted to the Honeywell brand as I have been a big fan of the Honeywell air purifiers and know they have been on the market since I first got interested in these types of home gadgets. A quick look on Google and I can see that Honeywell has been going since 1906 and its HQ is in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

If you have ever looked on for dehumidifiers it’s full of brand names that are often very strange sounding Chinese sellers selling generic units (COSVII, SEAVON, Donatello, LEEL..etc.) There is nothing inherently wrong with these units but for my bedroom dehumidifier, I wanted to go with a brand I trusted and had my back if anything went wrong and Honeywell provides a 5-year guarantee.

As with all the hands-on reviews we do here at, this unit was bought with our hard-earned money so we don’t have a bias to give a more positive review to keep the manufacturers happy. If this unit stinks, we have no problem with telling you so that you can find a unit that does the job for your needs and budget.

Honeywell TP30WKN
30 pints at old evaluation and 20 pints per day based on 2019 test
7 pint bucket and continuous hose
Recommended Room Size
1000 sq. ft
14 Ibs
More information
Honeywell TP30WKN
30 pints at old evaluation and 20 pints per day based on 2019 test
7 pint bucket and continuous hose
Recommended Room Size
1000 sq. ft
14 Ibs
More information


  • How much water can be removed per day: 30 Pints (based on the old test) or 20 pints based on the new test from 2019. 
  • Assuming 20 pints, this is around 10 large Mcdonalds sodas each day – which is fair amount of liquid.
  • The size of the room recommended is 1000sq ft so a bedroom or small kitchen is perfect but not a basement or open plan space.
  • It includes a filter for trapping dust coming into the unit which will need to be replaced/cleaned on a regular basis.
  • It also includes a continuous drain tube which means that you don’t have to rely on the tank capacity which is 7 pints ( which means you will have to remove the water multiple times a day if in use all the time) – but with a drain tube it can just drain directly outside the unit.

The Look

oneywell 30 pint handle detail

I know it’s not the first thing most people care about when it comes to a dehumidifier but this unit is nicely designed with a few key touches that make a big difference.

The one thing I really liked is the chunky handle and wheels as this makes it super easy to move to another room although do make sure you empty the water as this can make it super heavy!


Tp30WKN instructions

When you first unbox the Honeywell TP30 the continuous drain pump hose is actually inside the water tank so you make sure you remove this before the operation – although the guys at Honeywell make this super clear with the instructions. It also includes two accessories that support the use of wall mounting which is not something I did for this review but certainly something useful if you plan to use it in one location 24/7.

Smart Modes:

There are two options for this dehumidifier, the TP30WKN and TP30AWKN – the AWKN is the one that includes a smart app. If you have read my reviews on before you will know I am not a big fan of apps for simple devices like this and this is no exception. It requires details for registration and the app itself has very poor ratings on the Google play store:

For the extra money that the “smart” version requires, I would just invest in a smart hygrometer sensor like Govee H5179 as it has a ton of features for less money than the “smart” version of the Honeywell 30 pint dehumidifier.


All dehumidifiers need to pull air from the room around them so this also means they pull in any dirty, dust or other nasty things in the air. Thankfully this dehumidifier includes a filter so it catches these before they create problems inside the machine.

You can see how the filter clips in and out for cleaning in the gif above.

Compared to other units that I have tested, this unit’s filter is super easy to clip in and out which is great as it’s the main bit of maintenance required beyond emptying the water tank.

Unlike air purifiers, dehumidifiers don’t clean the air but this also means you don’t need to spend extra on filter replacements.

How easy is it to use?


From a usage perspective, the buttons are fairly simple for the TP30WKN. 

From left to right, we have a filter clean light that will light up when the filter needs cleaning manually. 

There is a fan adjustment button to increase or decrease the fan speed – you will want maximum when you first use it and then reduce it during the night to keep the sound to a minimum. 

You also have the option to set the humidification level you want to achieve. So if you want to set it to 60% humidity – the unit will come on and off until it achieves this level. This means that you can end up spending less on electricity than if you just set it to high and left it. 

After the – button there is a timer button that allows you to see a timer for it to automatically switch off and next to that is the sleep mode that switches all the lights off so it doesn’t disturb your sleep – a real plus for those using it in the bedroom which is why this is one of our top-rated dehumidifiers for the bedroom

Cost of Running the TP30WKN

honywell TP30WKN hose enabled

If you use this unit with the supplied hose it’s able to run continuously. If not, it will automatically shut off when the included 7-pint tank fills up – which will be more than twice every 24 hours so it really becomes a chore if used in this way. 

When running 24/7 it will pull 276 watts on the lowest fan setting and will use around 143 kWh over 30 days which means it can range from $13-20 per month which isn’t bad when compared with older units that are used far more power to achieve the same level of dehumidification.

What I love:

  • 5 year guarantee  is not something you usually see at this budget for a dehumidifier
  • Super simple usage – it took me less than 2 minutes to get my head around the settings. 
  • The filter clips easily without requiring too much pressure
  • Continuous hose is great for using 
  • The handle and wheels make it super easy to move around

What I don’t like as much:

  • The 7 pint tank will need changing multiple times in a 24 hour period if you can’t use the continuous hose
  • Smart functionality is not worth paying for

Bottom Line

Honeywell is a name that comes with a ton of trust in a world of knock-off Chinese dehumidifiers at every corner. This unit has everything you will need from a dehumidifier such as a timer, sleep mode, and a continuous hose for those wanting to use it all the time. 

30 pints is perfect for those wanting something that is still portable but doesn’t expect it to be able to dry out a large basement of an open plan room. If you do want a similar unit for a larger space, then check out the TP50WKN and TP70WKN which have 50-70 pint capabilities but are much larger and won’t be as easy to carry to different rooms.

The big issue for this unit is the supply chain issue with a lack of supply meaning that this unit regularly being out of stock and often priced higher than the bigger 50-pint units so be sure to do your research and don’t overpay. I honestly don’t think that smart edition – TP30AWKN is worth the extra $30 so just go for the standard model that is regularly priced at sub $200. 

Honeywell 23 Pint Energy Star Dehumidifier for Small Basements & Crawl Spaces with Mirage Display, Washable Filter to Remove Odor & Filter Change Alert
  • Powerful Dehumidifier for Small Rooms: This powerful beast effectively removes up to 30 Pints per day (20 Pint 2019 DOE Standard) of moisture from the air to protect walls, curtains, furniture and appliances.
  • Peace of Mind With a Brand You Trust: Honeywell TP30WKN Dehumidifier is the #2 top rated 2020 Small Capacity Dehumidifier by CR Reports and have been top rated by this independent, U. S. -based product safety-testing agency since 2016.
  • Effectively Removes Moisture and Odor: Effectively removes excess moisture to help protect your home from allergy & odor.
  • Easy to Use, Easy to Maintain: The durable air filter helps reduce dust & easily washes clean under a faucet. A Filter Clean Alert helps you maintain filter for optimal operation. The detachable water tank with anti-spill guards make it easy to empty.
  • Smart & Designed for Comfort: Smart digital humidistat control automatically activates dehumidification based on pre-set room conditions. This Honeywell Dehumidifier also comes with a 24-hour timer, sleep mode, auto-restart and smooth-gliding wheels.

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