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4 Best Wall Mounted Air Purifiers

Last updated June 3, 2021

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Author avatar Danny Ashton

Danny as been writing about air purifiers for 10+ years. He is a major fan of home technology, which makes him the perfect person to test and evaluate products for HouseFresh

If you live in an apartment or work in a small room, you’ll know that every bit of floor space counts. It can be challenging to add an air purifier to your environment: where exactly do you put it? Equally, if you have pets or young children, a purifier that sits on the floor or a surface may get in the way and potentially become a health and safety hazard. Wall-mounted air purifiers can help resolve these issues. By removing harmful toxins and odors, they provide clean, filtered air, all while staying safely out of reach.

Before selecting a purifier, there are a few things you need to consider, like:

  • Your budget
  • The size of your space/room
  • What filters they use

When looking at the size of your space, it’s also important to note the CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of the purifier. This tells you how much square footage it cleans per hour. If you have a large space and the budget to match, the RabbitAir MinusA2 covers up to 700 square feet. But the Webetop HEPA Filter Air Purifier may be more suitable if you plan on spending less.

In our search for the best wall-mounted air purifiers, we made sure that each system reviewed contained True HEPA/H13 since this captures the greatest amount of allergens and pollutants. Plus, all four purifiers on our list have activated charcoal filters to ensure effective removal of unwanted smells like tobacco, cooking, and pet odors. We also used consumer reports analysis to filter out fake reviews, relying solely on recommendations from genuine people who have actually purchased and used these units. This means that we can now present to you the best advice to help you identify the most suitable model for your needs.

1. RabbitAir MinusA2 SPA-700A

This product features an advanced HEPA filtration system that includes multiple purification and deodorizing steps. With performance that helps eliminate germs, odors, pet dander, and other toxins, this unit can provide fresh air for up to a 700 square foot room with regular use. For those who suffer from allergies, this unit offers 350 square feet of coverage with up to four air changes per hour. The unique design of the RabbitAir comes in the form of a thin square shape, similar to a picture frame but a bit thicker. Speaking of picture frames, the RabbitAir can either sit on a flat surface or mount to the wall for increased versatility and convenience. Not only can this unit hang on the wall, but it is also available in an eye-catching artists’ series which features classic images decorating the exterior of the air purifier. Showcase the works of Claude Monet or Katsushika Hokusai while also removing unhealthy contaminants from the air circulating inside your house. If you’re looking for a more casual style, the RabbitAir also comes in a Peanuts or Hello Kitty design.

  • Purifier Technology: HEPA
  • Room Size Suitability: Up to 700 sq. ft.
  • Filter Life: 2 years
  • Noise Level: 20.8dB up to 45.6dB

What we love

  • A sensor detects darkness inside the room and the unit goes into sleep mode, resuming once the room brightens
  • Offers a clean air delivery rate of 171 for pollen, 173 for dust, and 166 for smoke
  • Exceptional effectiveness against parrots’, dogs’, and cats’ dander as well as odor
  • Reviewers reported a decrease in itchiness, scratchy throat, and stuffy noses since purchasing

We don't like this as much

  • Can develop a minor whining noise after a few years, which may irritate some
  • Is on the high end of the price bracket and the least affordable on this list

2. MISSUE J022

The MISSUE Air Purifier offers a total of 7 stages of filtration for excellent cleaning capability. These stages include performance against odors, dust, pets, and smoke. There is a pre-filter, a nano filter, a HEPA filter, and an activated carbon filter. Also, the unit features a cold catalyst filter, a light filter, and an anion purifier to provide an optimal breathing environment. While this product can mount on the wall, you can also just as easily set it on a table or another flat surface. One of the MISSUE air purifier advantages is that it features a compartment where you can place your favorite aromatherapy oil and have a pleasant smell circulate around the room for hours. With a coverage range of 50 to 300 square feet, this unit would be ideal for several rooms in the house. For additional convenience, a remote allows you to control the unit without getting up from a comfortable seating position. A quiet 24 decibels of performance is provided by the sleep mode of the MISSUE Air Purifier, for better sleep and reduced energy consumption.

  • Purifier Technology: H13 HEPA
  • Room Size Suitability: Up to 300 sq. ft.
  • Filter Life: 3 months
  • Noise Level: 24dB

What we love

  • The Smart Mode allows the air purifier to perform intelligent adjustments
  • Faster purification is possible with dual-core technology
  • Efficient operation utilizes less power and helps save on energy costs
  • Reviewers have noted that UVC lights have effective germ-killing power

We don't like this as much

  • A regular expense is the H13 HEPA filter, which needs to be replaced every three months
  • Reviewers report some difficulty with toggling through the different modes, and turning it off results in an automatic power-up

3. Webetop A6001

A colorful display sits in the center of the circular disc-shaped Webetop Air Purifier. The LCD features information related to fan speed, mode, room temperature, and humidity levels. With six stages of filtration, the unit includes a pre-filter, TRUE HEPA filter, HESA filter, Activated Carbon Filter, UV light, and negative ion. This product can capture particles as tiny as 0.3 microns for a noticeable reduction in allergy symptoms. A robust Smart Air Quality Sensor allows the Webetop to adjust fan speed automatically based on purification requirements. With four different fan speeds to choose from, you can undoubtedly customize operations based on your preferred environment setting. With both a remote control and sleep option, the Webetop can be adjusted without getting up and provides an impressively quiet operation, guaranteeing a proper night’s rest. Additionally, a built-in timer function allows you to set anywhere from 30 minutes to 7.5 hours of operation before automatic shut down of the system.

  • Purifier Technology: HEPA & HESA
  • Room Size Suitability: Up to 322 sq. ft.
  • Filter Life: Reusable with washing and lasts for up to 15 years
  • Noise Level: 25dB

What we love

  • The unique design allows you to lay the unit on the floor if you choose not to mount it on the wall
  • Eliminates 99.97% of PM2.5 fine particles, including smoke, cooking odors, and pet dander
  • The Smart Sensing technology allows a hands-off approach to cleaner air
  • Compact size offers more location possibilities within the home

We don't like this as much

  • There does not appear to be a way to switch the temperature units from Celsius to Fahrenheit
  • It is difficult to find replacement filters

4. Medify MA-35

The Medify Purifier features HEPA H13 filters that offer greater protection than TRUE HEPA filters. This unit removes 99.9% of particles such as dust, bacteria, mold, asbestos, and dust mites. The most potent wall-mounted unit on the market, the Medify, can enhance air quality within 640 square feet after only half an hour of operation. A touch screen display makes customizing the Medify easy and features a child-proof lock for peace of mind. With three different fan speeds, this product provides excellent air purification options. Three layers of filtration include a pre-filter, HEPA H13, and carbon filter for an effective synergistic combination in reducing air pollutants. A remote control provides easy and convenient access to Medify without walking across the room to make adjustments.

  • Purifier Technology: H13 HEPA
  • Room Size Suitability: Up to 640 sq. ft.
  • Filter Life: 6 to 8 months
  • Noise Level: 33dB to 66dB

What we love

  • Discreet and modern design, complements a room without demanding attention
  • Touchscreen is located on the side of the unit rather than in the center
  • A user-friendly interface offers intuitive icons that are easy to understand right out of the box
  • Dual air intake provides powerful and efficient performance with a clean air delivery rating of 290

We don't like this as much

  • Installation could be simpler with improved mounting hardware
  • There is a stand, but you must purchase it separately

FAQs about Wall Mounted Air Purifiers

Q: Are there benefits to having a wall-mounted air purifier?

There are several benefits that wall-mounted air purifiers offer over traditional options. Those with children or curious pets can rest assured that a wall-mounted unit will be out of reach. Another advantage of a wall-mounted air purifier is that it won’t take up any floor space. Floor space can be critical, especially in places like an apartment or smaller rooms. Speaking of floor space, if you decide to move around the furniture in the room, a wall-mounted air purifier won’t be on your mind as it hangs discreetly on the wall.

Q: Does an air purifier improve sleep?

One of the most underrated aspects of a good night’s sleep is the ability to breathe effortlessly. If your nose is blocked, you may have trouble sleeping. An air purifier works to eliminate allergens and other particles that can cause nasal congestion. Therefore, an air purifier in your bedroom can drastically improve your sleeping, which is an essential and crucial process to stay at peak performance levels during the day.

Which Air Purifier is best for you?

Air purifiers are an excellent way to enhance your home environment by generating fresh air that is void of hazardous particles or pungent odors. By eliminating dust, pet dander, and smoke, you can reduce allergy symptoms, sleep better and feel your best. With these wall-mounted air purifiers, you can simplify the process without having to deal with a floor unit that might be knocked over or need to be relocated.