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5 Best Air Purifiers for the Bedroom, Tested by HouseFresh

Updated on November 7, 2023
Written by
Danny Ashton
Danny is the founder of HouseFresh and has been writing about air purifiers and indoor air quality since 2010. He is our lead tester, conducting all the tests we use to evaluate air quality products. That is why you will always see his name attached to our reviews.

Our verdict


Looking for an air purifier for your bedroom? If you’re on a budget, get a Blue Pure 411+. If your room is big, get an Alen Flex. Our top pick? The Core 300S.

We all have that one room in our homes that is a sanctuary away from everything (or everyone). 

A place we can slow down, relax and enjoy our time. For me and many others, this is the bedroom. Not only a temple to sleep in but also a place to think, read, watch your favorite show and recharge. 

According to the CDC, adults over 18 should be getting at least 7 hours of sleep a night, but it can be hard to relax and drift into slumberland if the air around you is full of dust, pet hair, odors and pollution from traffic outside the window. 

Considering we spend 26 years of our life in bed, keeping the air in that room as clean as possible makes sense. 

An air purifier in the bedroom will remove all those contaminants that build up over time, even those that regular cleaning can’t eliminate, leaving you with fresh air to breathe throughout the night. Especially if you suffer from allergies, live close to a source of pollution (city, highway etc.), wake up with a blocked nose or cough and have a pet with you. 

The difference in the morning could be life-changing.

Why You Can Trust Our Recommendations

There’s no shortage of air purifier reviews online, but here at HouseFresh, we do it differently. For starters, we buy every single unit we review with our own money. This way, we can write unbiased reviews based on our experience using air purifiers in our homes.

We also put air purifiers through their paces and collect our own data to compare against other units and ensure the manufacturers’ words are true.

Here’s what we do:

1️⃣ We fill our performance testing room with simulated pollution.

2️⃣ We use a Purple Air Indoor sensor to record how long the air purifier takes to reduce PM1ug/m3, PM2.5ug/m3 and PM10ug/m3 particles.

3️⃣ We measure how much electricity each unit uses by tracking its energy consumption.

4️⃣ We measure noise levels in decibels across all the fan speeds to know how loud it gets.

Our testing gives us real-world data we can use to pick out the best units for each case. For bedroom air purifiers, we looked at data relating to the following:  

✅ Utilize True HEPA or higher HEPA grade: We’ve researched filtration systems and concluded that HEPA is the most effective way of removing harmful particle contaminants from the air.

✅  Have activated charcoal: HEPA is great for particles like dust and pollen but is useless against chemicals and odors. You will also want your air purifier to come with an activated carbon filter for use in your bedroom. 

✅  Have a low sound output: You’ll never get to sleep if a loud fan and motor are whirling away. Luckily we made sure only to include those units that run quietly compared to their level of air cleaning power. 

The Top 3 Air Purifiers For Your Bedroom

Before you delve into our complete guide, check out our top three recommendations for the best air purifiers for your bedroom.

Levoit Core 300SBlueair Blue Pure 411+Alen BreatheSmart Flex
AIR CLEANING SPEED ⚡39 minutes43 minutes34 minutes
CADR 👩‍🔬141 CFM (240 m³)120 CFM (203m³/h)225 CFM (382 m³/h)
FILTER TECHNOLOGY 💨3-Stage FiltrationTrue HEPA filter with activated charcoalH13 HEPA filter with an option for activated charcoal
MAX ROOM SIZE 📏219 sq. ft.185 sq. ft.500 sq. ft.
WEIGHT ⚖️5.95 lbs (2.7 kg)3.4 lbs (1.54 kg)15 lbs (6.8 kg)
OUR REVIEW 🔍Core 300S reviewBlue Pure 411+ reviewAlen Flex review
PRICE 💵$126.99Price not available$299.00

Last update on 2023-11-30 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Check out the five-bedroom air purifiers that will keep your sleeping air free of pollutants and keep sound levels to a minimum.

1. Best Overall: Levoit Core 300S

We’ve reviewed quite a few Levoit air purifiers here at the HouseFresh offices, so when it comes to which unit is best for each room, we have plenty of experience. They’re reliable and cost-efficient, so we’ve chosen the Levoit Core 300S for its small size, good CADR and low noise levels for your bedroom.

This small but mighty machine weighs in at just 2.7kg while being small enough to sit on top of a bedside table without compromising performance, as this unit cleared our home lab bedroom in only 39 minutes.

Running this unit will be relatively inexpensive in the long run. Levoit is known for its quality filters that don’t cost the earth to replace. As the air purifier only draws a measly 14.2 watts when performing on its highest fan speed, you can purify the air without worrying about the bill at the end of the month.

With three stages of filtration, including a pre-filter for large particles, a main filter to tackle airborne pollutants as small as 0.3 microns, and an activated carbon filter to deal with odors and gasses. Thanks to Levoit’s trademarked VortexAir fan technology, this unit will completely cycle the air five times an hour within a 219 ft² space. 

📱 This is the smallest Levoit Core air purifier with an auto-mode, which means it has an onboard sense that automatically switches on the fan as it detects pollutants in your bedroom. The app support also means you can quickly see the air quality in your bedroom and, if required, switch on the unit from any location on Earth. 

Another big plus is that this air purifier runs quietly. Check our noise video below to hear its range from a low 24dB to a max of 48 dB.

What We Really Like:

👍 Super quiet operation making it a great option for nighttime use
👍 Small and lightweight so that it can be easily maneuvered from room to room
👍 Compatible with the Levoit app for remote control and regular air quality updates 
👍 360-degree air inlet capitalizes on airflow for efficient performance 

What We Think Could Be Better:

👎 The pre-filter is not washable 
👎 Costs $50 more than the original Core 300, which seems steep for just the smart features


HouseFresh Rating:★★★★★
Time to clean our test room:39 Minutes
Air purifier technology:3-Stage Filtration (Pre-filter for large particles, main filter for airborne particles, high-efficiency activated carbon filter for odors and gasses)
Recommended room size:Up to 219 sq. ft.
Clean air delivery rate (CADR):141 CFM (240 m³)
Dimensions (in inches / in cm):8.7L x 8.7W x 14.2H inches (22L x 22W x 36H cm)
Weight (in pounds / in kg):5.95 lbs (2.7 kg)
Noise level (low – high):24 – 48dB
Filter life:6 – 8 months
Manufacturer’s warranty2 years
Estimated energy consumption:$52.56

2. Best Budget Option: Blueair Blue Pure 411+

Blueair brings Swedish design with its Blue Pure range and the 411+ is one of the smallest in the range, but it was still able to clean our test room in 43 minutes. Design-wise, this unit stands out from the standard white units thanks to the fact that Blueair allows customers to pick pre-filter fabric colors to match their interior design style. 

Blueair uses a combination of electrostatic and HEPA filters that includes activated carbon, which means it can clean the air in a bedroom effectively but generate less noise when compared to similar units with Pure HEPA and activated carbon filtration.

In our testing, the Blueair Blue Pure 411+ sound levels ranged from 17dB for the lowest speed and up to 46dB at its highest – this is equivalent to light rain or a quiet office. Just listen for yourself:

What We Really Like:

👍 Auto-mode for a small unit is very useful for those using an air purifier in a bedroom.
👍 One of the lowest sound levels created thanks to its HEPASilent technology.
👍 Design style is much better than other air purifier brands at this price point.
👍 Very affordable to run with electricity usage of just over $10 a year when left on 24/7, 365 days a year.

What We Think Could Be Better:

👎 HEPASilent produces a minimal amount of ozone which is under <5 ppb, but more than you find with pure HEPA and carbon filters
👎 New units regularly released that use a different filter that makes things a little confusing


HouseFresh Rating:★★★★☆
Time to clean our test room:43 minutes
Air purifier technology:3-stage True HEPA filter with activated charcoal
Recommended room size:185 sq. ft.
Clean air delivery rate (CADR):120 CFM (203m³/h)
Dimensions (in inches / in cm):17H x 7.8W x 7.8D inches (43.18H x 19.812W x 19.812D cm)
Weight (in pounds / in kg):3.4 lbs (1.54 kg)
Noise level (low – high):17 – 46dB
Filter life:6 months
Manufacturer’s warranty:1 year
Estimated energy consumption:$10.51 per year

3. Best for Large Bedrooms: Alen BreatheSmart Flex

The Alen BreatheSmart Flex is my favorite unit for those with a large bedroom. It is actually the unit I chose for my kids’ bedroom, which is one of the biggest rooms in my house. It features powerful air cleaning performance but it’s quiet and comes with a child lock, meaning that my boys can’t mess with its settings.

So, if you’re happy to pay a little extra for higher build quality and warranty and have a large bedroom over 250 square feet, then the Flex is the unit I recommend.

It’s nearly as powerful as the Alen BreatheSmart 45i: the Alen Flex cleared the air in our test room from smoke pollutants in 34 minutes. That said, the Flex is cheaper thanks to the fact that this unit doesn’t come with an ionizer function and smart features.

Another pro in my eyes is that Alen offers a lifetime warranty if you opt for their filter subscription, so you can rest assured that if anything goes wrong at any time, Alen will make it right. 

With a maximum noise output of 50dB, the Alen BreatheSmart Flex is one of the quietest high-performing air purifiers we have tested. Just have a listen and you’ll see for yourself:

⭐ Alen air purifiers are well-built and we even have a 10+-year-old Alen A350 that still runs well; you can even buy new filters for it in 2023. 

What We Really Like:

👍 Choice of filters when you purchase so you can adjust your machine to the allergens you want to deal with
👍 Simple touchscreen controls that can be switched off for sleep mode at night
👍 Quiet running with a max of 50dB at the highest fan speed and much lower with other speeds
👍 Lifetime warranty is unique to Alen

What We Think Could Be Better:

👎 No smart features; need to pay extra for the Alen 45i
👎 Lifetime warranty requires you to have an active filter subscription


HouseFresh Rating:★★★★☆
Time to clean our test room:34 minutes
Air purifier technology:H13 HEPA with an option for activated charcoal (Fresh, Odorcell and Heavy Smoke options available)
Recommended room size:Up to 500 sq ft
Clean air delivery rate (CADR):225 CFM 382 m³/h (Smoke:  191 / Pollen: 245 / Dust: 209)
Dimensions (in inches / in cm):25H x 15W x 8.5D inches (63.5 x 38.1 x 21.59 cm)
Weight (in pounds / in kg):15 lbs (6.8 kg)
Noise level (low – high):25 – 50dB
Filter life:Every 9-12 months
Warranty:Lifetime (with product registration & active filter subscription)
Estimated energy consumption:$25.23 per year 

4. Smart Air S

Their Smart Air S not only looks fantastic with its unconventional shape and beechwood legs but also has a great CADR for its price and is super quiet. Those are the reasons why my wife chose to keep the Smart Air S in our bedroom. She is a fan.

This quirky little air purifier looks great in the room, doesn’t take up much space and is extremely easy to operate. There is no control panel or confusing buttons; you change between its three fan speeds by turning the dial on top of the unit.

Under the hood is an H13 HEPA filter that will trap 95% of above and below 0.3 microns, PM10 and even 0.005-micron particles. In our air cleaning performance test, the Smart Air S cleared incense stick smoke from the air in just 29 minutes — an outstanding result for an air purifier of this size.

Smart Air’s position is to be transparent, stating their purifiers are nothing more than high-quality fans and high-quality filters that have one job in mind – cleaning your air. Smart Air believes that extra features on air purifiers are a waste of time, so you won’t find any on the Smart Air S. There is no Sleep Mode, no Auto Mode and no air quality monitor, which (for some) could be a downside, but it does mean less can go wrong and it’s easier to use.

Check out how quiet it is in our noise levels test video below:

What We Really Like:

👍 Smart Air do continual research and testing to make sure they produce the best results
👍 It’s really quiet on low fan speed measuring just 23dB
👍 Replacement filters are inexpensive compared to other brands
👍 Zero ozone production due to only mechanical filters used

What We Think Could Be Better:

👎 No additional features such as timer, air sensor or app compatibility
👎 Activated Carbon filter doesn’t always come as standard, so make sure the model you buy includes Carbon in the title


HouseFresh Rating:★★★★☆
Time to clean our test room:29 minutes
Air purifier technology:H12 HEPA and optional activated charcoal filter
Recommended room size:430 sq. ft. 
Clean air delivery rate (CADR):185 CFM (315 m³/h)
Dimensions (in inches / in cm):13H x 13W x 14.3D inches (33.02H x 33.02W x 36.32D cm)
Weight (in pounds / in kg):10.1 lbs (4.58 kg)
Noise level (low – high):23 – 52dB
Filter life:6 months
Manufacturer’s warranty:1 year
Estimated energy consumption:$45.20 per year

5. Blueair Blue Pure 311 Auto

If you have a large bedroom and you don’t like the look of the Alen Flex or would like to get some smart features, then you should definitely look into the Blue Pure 311 Auto.

The 311 Auto is the big sibling of the Blueair Blue Pure 411+. As with all Blurair Blue Pure models, you will be able to customize the look of the air purifier with a choice of five unique pre-filter fabric colors:

But it’s not just about the looks. The Blue Pure 311 Auto cleaned the air in our test room from smoke pollutants and smell in just 21 minutes. If you compare that to the Blue Pure 411+, the 311 Auto shaved off 22 whole minutes! It’s even three full minutes faster than the Alen BreatheSmart Flex – not bad at all.

This unit would be perfect for bedrooms of up to 400 square feet, and thanks to the HEPASilent, it will be quiet (53dB max) even when running at its top fan speed, which equates to a 250 CFM CADR score. 

What We Really Like:

👍 Good level of power for large bedrooms but still manages to keep sound levels low
👍 Low energy usage with the HEPASilent costing only $36 a year when used 24/7
👍 Can customize the design with the different color options with the pre-filter
👍 Design style is more interesting than most other brands

What We Think Could Be Better:

👎 While ozone production is very low and safe (0.05ppb), it’s still not zero, so something to be aware of
👎 New models require different filters, so it can get confusing when you are looking to buy new filters


HouseFresh Rating:★★★★☆
Time to clean our test room:21 minutes
Air purifier technology:3-stage True HEPASilent filter with activated charcoal
Recommended room size:388 sq. ft.
Clean air delivery rate (CADR):Dust 250 CFM (425 m3/h) Pollen 244 CFM (415 m3/h) Smoke 250 CFM (425 m3/h)
Dimensions (in inches / in cm):20.5H x 10.2W x 10.2D inches (52.1H x 25.9W x 25.9D cm)
Weight (in pounds / in kg):6.8 lbs (3.08 kg)
Noise level (low – high):23 – 53dB
Filter life:6 months
Manufacturer’s warranty:1 year (can be extended to 2 years by creating a Blueair account and registering the unit within 60 days of purchase)
Estimated energy consumption:$36.79 per year

Comparing Our Top Picks for the Bedroom: Noise Levels

We tested the sound levels for each of the air purifiers on our list at both the lowest and highest fan speed and used Flourish to visualize this data:

😴 Our verdict: If you’re looking for a quiet unit that won’t disturb your sleep, the Blueair Blue Pure 411+ is the one.

The Blue Pure 411+ is one of the quietest air purifiers we have ever tested – and it tops the list when comparing the units we recommend for the bedroom.

Comparing Our Top Picks for the Bedroom: Air Cleaning Speed

As we test all our air purifiers in the same room, we compare different models and brands by looking at how long they took to reduce the PM1 level to zero:

🛌 Our verdict: If you’re looking for performance, the Blueair Blue Pure 311 Auto is your best bet.

The 311 Auto cleared our test room of pollutants in 31 minutes, the fastest of all the units on our list. 

What to Look For in an Air Purifier for Your Bedroom

To get the right air purifier for the bedroom, you need to consider 3 main things:

1. The Size of Your Bedroom

Smaller bedrooms will be better suited with smaller units that cost less to run and be quieter, but those same smaller air purifiers may not be able to keep larger spaces clean of pollutants. Try to match you.

As a rough guide assuming standard height ceilings, you would choose the following models based on your room size. While we don’t recommend low CADR units in large spaces, you can use a high CADR in a small room and achieve very high output with a much lower sound level but at a higher cost initially and long term.

Assuming we are looking for 4.5 ACH in a normal-sized ceiling, we would look at the following choices for bedroom size:

Air PurifierRoom SizeCADR
Blueair 411+ AutoUp to 185 sq. ft.120 CFM (203 m³/h)
Levoit Core 300SUp to 219 sq. ft.141 CFM (240 m³/h)
Smart Air SUp to 430 sq. ft. 185 CFM (315 m³/h)
Alen FlexUp to 500 sq. ft225 CFM (382 m³/h)
Blueair Blue Pure 311 AutoUp to 550 sq. ft250 CFM (424 m³/h)
💡 Pro Tip: For much larger spaces than this, you will want to see our guide to the best air purifiers for large spaces; running multiple air purifiers can work together. You can add up their CADR level and keep the air clean in a larger space without needing a new larger unit. 

2. Most Common Pollutants in Your Room

Certain pollutants will need different filter technologies: 

PollenHEPA filter✅ Any units on this list
Dust mitesHEPA filter✅ Any units on this list
Cigarette smokeHEPA filter + Activated carbon filter ✅ Any units on this list
Pet dander + odorsHEPA filter + Activated carbon filter✅ Any units on this list
SmellsHEPA filter + Activated carbon filter with pellets✅ Alen Flex
✅ Smart Air S
✅ Levoit Core 300S

Be aware of your pollutant to choose the suitable model for your unique situation. Alen and Levoit both allow you to choose specific filter types when you order, so every person can adjust to their needs.

💡 Pro Tip: For severe issues with chemicals or VOCs, you will want to look beyond smaller units, as our list of the best air purifiers for VOCs contains carbon filters measured in lbs. 

3. Your Budget (Upfront Costs + Long-term Costs)

Many air purifier brands can overstate the room size they are capable of, so be sure to also calculate yourself based on your bedroom size and look for the CADR level for at least 4.5 ACH. 

💰 If you want to keep your budget low, stick to brands like Levoit and Blueair that make all types of larger units but also create smaller versions for smaller spaces. 

But sometimes paying a little extra can be worth it. The Alen Flex costs a little higher due to its build quality, warranty and filter choice options. 

Just be wary of any air purifiers that seem to be accurate, offering new technology or vast spaces for low costs. When we test these smaller air purifiers, we find them nearly useless for a minor issue like one incense stick. 

All of the bedroom air purifiers we mentioned in this list have very fair filter costs, from the Alen filters that last 9-12 months to the Smart Air filters that do the same; they all have similar replacement costs that align with the best in the market.

💡 Pro Tip: Don’t save money by choosing units with lower CADR. Units with a CADR  lower than 100 CFM will be pretty much useless when cleaning the air in rooms as big as most American bedrooms. 

You can save money by looking for units without fancy options such as app support and auto-mode. 

Also, be aware of filter replacement costs as some brands out there will charge much more than competitors for the same performance, quickly costing long-term usage. 

Common Questions About Air Purifiers for the Bedroom

🤔 Is it better to have an air purifier in the bedroom or living room?

If pushed to answer, we would say the bedroom air purifier is a better choice as it’s where you spend most of your time and is usually smaller, so it’s easier to keep clean. This is especially true for those with asthma and allergies so they can use their bedroom as a safe place when allergies flare.

🤔 Why do I need an air purifier in my bedroom?

You spend 26 years of your life in bed; it makes sense to ensure that the air you breathe is as safe as possible, and an air purifier can remove particles and odors so you just breathe clean air.

🤔 Why is it good to sleep with an air purifier?

Sleeping with an air purifier will mean you can guarantee the air you breathe is pollutant-free. Smart Air showed using a test that pollutants steadily rose at night without an air purifier running so much better to keep it on.

🤔 Where is the best place to put my air purifier in the bedroom?

Where in your bedroom to place your air purifier depends on how much room you have. Some of you may be lucky enough to have a large bedroom with lots of floor space, while others may be lacking. 

Whatever size you’re working with, there are a few basic rules.

✅ Place the air purifier as far away from your bed as possible: The fans in air purifiers still make noise no matter how quiet, increasing your chances of not hearing it running.

❌ Don’t block the vents: If the air cannot get into the filters, it cannot be cleaned. Be sure to check where the vents are on your unit; for example, if they’re on the back, don’t place them up against the wall.

✅ Place your air purifier near the cause of pollutants: If there is a mold, dust or odor source, your air purifier will work better close to the source.

❌ Don’t obstruct pathways: The last thing you want to do is wake up half asleep, get out of bed just to trip over an air purifier and hurt yourself. That’s a pretty lousy morning in my book.

For a complete list of tips on air purifier placement, check out our handy guide: Where Should I Place My Air Purifier?

🤔 Will an air purifier keep me awake at night?

We pay close attention to each unit’s varying volumes using a sound meter when we put them through our testing process and share the decibel readings wherever possible to indicate what noise to expect. 

For reference, a ticking watch usually clocks up a reading of 20dB, while a whisper makes 30dB noise. With each of our recommended cleaners falling within this range on their lowest fan speeds, you shouldn’t expect to be disturbed too much. 

From personal experience (as a very light sleeper), I’ve found that the gentle hum can even be considered pink noise and may even make dozing off even more straightforward. The Alen Flex, in particular, only uses pink noise vs. white noise found with other air purifier models.

🤔 Do air purifiers remove smells from bedrooms?

You will need an air purifier with an activated carbon filter to remove odors, as they are gas and will pass through a HEPA filter. You will also need to ensure that the fan size suits the bedroom size; go for large fans for large spaces or use multiple small fan units.

Wrapping Up

We’ve highlighted the importance of breathing clean air and getting a good night’s sleep for your health, well-being, and mood. Choosing the right air purifier for your bedroom may seem daunting as many units have different features, data and new ways to draw your attention. 

But it doesn’t need to be as daunting as you think. Simply follow our guide, make the proper considerations and have the perfect air purifier for your bedroom in no time.

Good night!

Last update on 2023-11-30 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

About the author

Danny Ashton

Danny is the founder of HouseFresh and has been writing about air purifiers and indoor air quality since 2010. He is our lead tester, conducting all the tests we use to evaluate air quality products. That is why you will always see his name attached to our reviews.