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Levoit LV-H133 Air Purifier Review

Last updated January 26, 2023

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Our verdict:

Another top-performing unit from Levoit, the LV-H133 is great for medium to large-sized rooms in your home. This unit is a little on the larger side but the curvy design looks modern and makes for a nice alternative to the cylindrical Core series.

It performed fantastically in our tests, especially for a unit that covers up to 442 sq. ft. and the price tag of $249.99* makes this unit extremely desirable. The LV-H113 has plenty of smart features to compete alongside other units on the market and for a bonus it’s CARB certified, FCC certified, and ETL listed.

If you don’t mind the size and aren’t too concerned about the lack of smartphone connectivity, I would recommend spending that extra $30 on this over the Core 400S for the LV-H133’s performance and design.

If you’ve already started your research into air purifiers, then you’ve most likely come across the brand name Levoit before. They are one of the major players in household products and their range of air cleaners is more popular than most.

Currently, they have their Core, LV-H, LV-PUR, Vista, and Vital ranges with the Core having the biggest choice of units. We’ve already reviewed the 600S, 400S, 300, and 200S from the Core range so we wanted to try something different Levoit has to offer.

One plus to buying an air purifier from Levoit is the signature technology they come with. As with most of their new products, the LV-H133 comes with a 360-degree HEPASmart filter, VortexAir™ technology, and a centrifugal fan wheel.

Credit: Daniel Booth /

On your journey to buying new products online, you’ll no doubt come across heaps of ‘Best of’ sites telling you what to buy when the writer hasn’t ever seen or touched it. At HouseFresh we cut the bulls**t. 

We buy all the products we review so we can spend time testing and using them in real-world situations, aka, in our own homes, so that we can give you accurate, unbiased facts and opinions. Even if they’re not so flattering.

TL;DR The Low Down on the Unit

The LV-H133 is a great addition to the Levoit range. It’s pretty stylish (especially in black), has enough smart features to keep it current, and performs amazingly in medium to large size rooms. And all at under $250*, that’s a feat not many purifier brands can boast.

What We Really Like:

👍 The 360-degree filter 
👍 It has an LED air quality monitor color wheel
👍 The touch screen controls are easy to operate
👍 The filter is super simple to change
👍 The numeric display shows how long the timer is set for

What We Think Could Be Better:

👎 It could have handles on each side for maneuverability 
👎 It’s a little too tall
👎 Wish the numeric display showed pm levels

The Specifications

Levoit are great at producing high-performing air purifiers at budget prices without skipping out on quality. The LV-H133 retails at $249.99* which is pretty darn good when compared to other units with similar CADR like the Mila (costing over $400*) and the Coway Airmega 300 ($549*).

Purifier technology:H13 True HEPA Filter
CADR (CFM / m³/h):274 CFM / 466 m³/h
Recommended room size:Up to 442 sq. ft. 
Filter life:6 – 8 months
Noise level (low – high):25dB – 54dB
Dimensions (in inches / in cm):12.5L x 12.5W x 23.6H in / 31.8 x 31.8 x 60 cm
Weight (in pounds / in kg):21 lbs / 9.5 kg
Energy consumption:$61.05 per year

The Curvy Cleaning Tower

Credit: Daniel Booth /

For the LV-H133, Levoit have opted for a sleeker design over the cylindrical Core 400S or the more traditional boxy stylings of the 600S. It has curves in all the right places, making it quite pleasing to the eye.

The control panel sits comfortably on top of the unit, sunken into the middle of the outlet, making it easy to access whether it sits in your room. Simply remove the back panel and remove the filter to reveal the large fan inside. I don’t like to judge a book by its cover, but you can tell by the look that this fan means business.

360-Degree HEPASmart Filter Technology

Credit: Daniel Booth /

Levoit are big fans of the 360-degree filter. It obviously works as you’ll find them in each of their Core purifiers as well as the LV-H133. Its Smart filter is made up of three layers:

  1. Nylon Pre-Filter – The main job of the pre-filter is to act as the first line of defense. It works by capturing the larger airborne particles from your room and trapping them. This also means that the HEPA filter doesn’t need to work as hard, giving it more life before it needs replacing.
  1. H13 True HEPA FilterTrue HEPA filters are highly effective at removing 99.97% of fine airborne particles like mold, pollen, pet dander, and dust mites. This is the part of the filter that’s doing the heavy lifting when it comes to cleaning the air.
  1. Activated Carbon Filter – The last stage in the process is by no means the least. This layer is packed with activated carbon, which is used to adsorb orders and other VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) like cooking smells, pet odors, fumes, and smoke.
Credit: Daniel Booth /

Not only is the LV-H113’s HEPASmart filter highly effective, but it’s also incredibly easy to replace when the time comes. 

All you need to do is:

  1. Remove the back panel
  2. Pull out the old filter
  3. Slide the new one in 

It’s that easy. Check out this instructional video if those steps weren’t clear enough.

Do yourself a big favor, and make sure you remove any packaging from the filter before you start using this (or any) unit. If you don’t, it will not be able to clean any particles from the air and will just create a burning smell — which is the opposite of what you want, right?

Credit: Daniel Booth /

Top-Loaded Touchscreen 

If you’re like me, you don’t want your air purifier to be the main focus of a room. You don’t want to hide it away, but you don’t need it taking up space in the middle of the room. The LV-H133 has its controls neatly on top so you can access them wherever the unit sits.

The round control panel contains 6 touch buttons, 3 icons to indicate fan speed, a filter check light, a color-changing air quality monitor ring, and a numerical display for the timer function. Each button is very reactive and doesn’t need to be pushed hard to engage. They’re all labeled and well-spaced so you won’t be hitting the wrong one by accident.

Credit: Daniel Booth /

Here’s what each one does:

  • On/Off – Turns the air purifier on/off
  • Timer – Set the timer for anywhere between 1-12 hours to match your schedule
  • Display lock – Press and hold for 3 seconds to lock/unlock the display
  • Display lights on/off – Turns all display lights on/off for night time or movie time
  • Auto function – Adjusts fan speed automatically based on air quality
  • Fan speed – Select from 3 speeds; Low, Medium, and High
  • Sleep mode – Switches fan speed to Low and turns off display lights

The color-changing ring gives you a clear indication of the quality of the air in your room in real-time. You can adjust the fan speed yourself or use the unit’s Auto Mode where the purifier changes fan speed automatically in accordance with the air quality.

Indicator ColorAir QualityAuto Mode Fan Speed
BlueVery GoodSleep Mode
RedVery BadHigh

Cleared Our Test Room of Smoke in 25 Minutes  

Okay, down to the nitty-gritty, the performance. 

Credit: Daniel Booth /

When we’re reviewing an air purifier we don’t just look at them, turn them on for a minute, then copy/paste specs…we put them through their paces. This way we can tell you exactly how they perform in a real home environment, not a science lab.

We do this by putting each unit in our 705 cubic ft test room, filling that room with pollutants using incense sticks, then setting the purifier on full to see how long it takes to clear the room of contaminants. 

We’re able to monitor every minute of this test using our Purple Air Indoor sensor which gives us data on PM1.0ug/m3, PM2.5ug/m3, and PM10.0 ug/m3. We then use that data to show you our findings into a simple graph.

Here’s what we found when testing our LV-H133:

The graph shows the pollution filling the room up to 10:19 when we switched the Levoits’ fan on to full speed. After that, there’s a swift decline in contaminants as the LV-H133 gets to work filtering out those airborne pollutants and filling the room with fresh, clean air. It does all this in a total of 25 minutes! 

That’s mighty impressive for a unit that’s engineered to clear rooms up to 442 sq. ft.

Let’s compare that to other units we’ve tested in the same room.

Air purifierHow long it took to clean the airRecommended Room SizePrice*
Levoit LV-H13325 minutes442 sq. ft$249
Conway Airmega 30026 minutes1256 sq. ft$549
Alen 75i24 minutes1300 sq. ft$749
IQAir Healthpro Plus25 minutes1125 sq. ft$899

Keep It On Low When Watching Movies

For me, the sound that these units emit is a major factor in whether I will use them again. I like to make music at home so if the air purifier I’m using is loud, it’s not gonna stay. 

The LV-H133 kicks out 25dB on its lowest setting, which is hardly noticeable in a normal household. On high it goes up to 54dB which is no jet engine, but you will hear it. The thing is, as this unit clears your room of pollutants so fast, you’ll never need to have it on high for too long.

Check it out for yourself in this video.

The Cost to Run a Levoit LV-H133: $61.05 Per Year

1. Electricity costs

With the ever-rising costs of electricity and our environmental duty to be more energy-efficient, you need to factor in how much an air purifier costs to run. There’s no point having clean air if you’ve got a monster energy bill to pay for it.

Luckily, Levoit have you covered. Each of their units is rigorously tested for its energy consumption as they strive to achieve an Energy Star Certificate to prove its efficiency…which it has. 

As with all our units, we don’t rely on what the manufacturers say, so we always test their energy consumption ourselves. We found that on its highest setting, the LV-H133 pulls 28.1 watts and less than 0.8 watts on its lowest. But what does that mean in terms of $$$?

Using our HouseFresh Air Purifier Usage Calculator we worked out that if you had the LV-H133 on full fan speed, for 24hrs a day, 365 days a year (which is ridiculously pointless and wasteful), it would cost you $61.05 a year to run. That’s around $0.17 a day**. 

Try our calculator for yourself to find the annual cost in your state.

2. Filter costs

Unfortunately, electricity is not the only cost to factor into your purchase.

The HEPA filters in air purifiers don’t last forever. Over time they lose their efficiency as they become clogged up with the fine particles they’ve trapped. If you want your LV-H133 to operate to its potential, you’ll need to replace the filter every 6 to 8 months. 

Credit: Daniel Booth /

Don’t worry, you won’t have to check the filter every day. The filter change indicator light will go on when the unit recognizes that it needs a replacement.

You can pick up an official Levoit replacement filter online for $62.99* or an unofficial one for $52.99*.

Note: We haven’t tested the unofficial filter, so can’t testify to its efficiency.

Spending potentially $126 every year on filters does seem quite expensive, especially when the Core 600S out-performs the LV-H133 and its filters are slightly cheaper at $59.99*

Bottom Line

All said and done, Levoit have produced a sleek-looking air purifier for the modern home and at a price which we like very much. It has most of the smart features we’ve come to expect from units these days like a timer, sleep mode, auto mode, and an air quality indicator, but lacks app connectivity.

We can’t deny that the LV-H133 outperforms a lot of other units on the market at a fraction of the price. It’s energy efficient to save on your electricity bills but the cost of replacement filters lets it down.

I like this unit, I really do, but I can’t help pointing out that if you’re not too concerned about aesthetics, then the Core 600S is a superior model with its 410 CFM CADR, 635 sq. ft. room capacity, cheaper replacement filters, app connectivity, and it’s 7 lbs lighter…all for an extra $50.

Credit: Daniel Booth /

The Rules We Followed When Reviewing the Levoit LV-H133

Like you, I always research products before buying them and I’ve been stung a few times from sites that claim to like a product when they haven’t even seen or touched it, never mind tested it. 

At HouseFresh it’s our mission to get our hands on every unit we review so we can clearly understand which products are worth your hard-earned dollars and which aren’t worth your time.

That’s why:

1. We buy each air purifier with our own money and perform performance testing in our own homes.

2. We don’t rely on manufacturers’ feature lists and specification figures. We tested our LV-H133 in real-world conditions with our own testing tools.

3. We compared our LV-H133 like for like with other similar air purifiers on the market using data collected from our tests. 

4. We don’t just test them once. Evaluate the long-term benefits and downsides of using the LV-H133 by putting it to the test for over several months.

Our Testing Process 

In the HouseFresh offices, we’re unashamed air purifier nerds, so we always research CADR rankings and all the other sciency bits published by the manufacturers, then we put them to one side to perform our own tests. 

I wouldn’t be 100% confident recommending a unit without playing with all its settings and putting it through our real-life performance testing first. 

This is why we test all the air purifiers we review in the same room (sized 705 cubic ft) removing the same type of contaminants (incense smoke). This allows us to compare units side by side.

We use the PurpleAir PA-I Indoor PM 2.5 Sensor to track PM1.0ug/m3, PM2.5ug/m3, and PM10.0 ug/m3 every few minutes. 

This allows us to visualize the data using Flourish to determine how long it took this specific unit to remove all pollutants from the air.


We calculated the monthly energy consumption costs with the help of our air purifier electricity usage calculator. We calculated daily and yearly costs associated with running an air purifier for 24hs a day in California. You can customize the result by air purifier wattage and by state.

*Prices correct as of June 2022

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